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Contact info
Gledališče Zapik
Gregorčičeva 13, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 425 5372
Igor Cvetko, Co-Director
Phone386 (0) 40 732 545
Jelena Sitar, Co-Director
Phone386 (0) 40 645 934

Past Events
  • 14 September to 15 September 2016
    Freaks, produced by the Maribor Puppet Theatre, Tomorrow’s Party, produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, In the Land of Finger Puppets, produced by Zapik Theatre in association with the House of Children and Art, and Snow White, produced by Mini Theatre, as well as a book presentation of Edi Majaron’s Vera v lutko at 49th International Puppet Theatre Festival PIF at Etno Art Gallery, Travno Cultural Centre, Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb Puppet Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 25 October to 1 November 2015
    The Mouse Was Making Porridge, produced by Zapik Theatre, at the Kids Euro Festival, organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Washington, at Hill Center, Hillwood Museum, Mann Elementary School, The Children's Inn at NIH in Bethesda, Washington, USA
  • 17 September to 17 October 2015
    In the Land of Finger Puppets, an interactive show and exhibition of finger puppets by Zapik Theatre in association with the House of Children and Art, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Paris, at Centre de Création pour l'Enfance in Tinqueux, France

Zapik Theatre was established in 1997 by two puppeteers: playwright and director Jelena Sitar and ethnomusicologist, curator, and illustrator Igor Cvetko. In 2002 they were awarded the Tibor Sekelj Prize for their message of humanity at the PIF International Puppet Theatre Festival in Zagreb. The aesthetics of their performances are based on minimalism, warmth, experience, intimacy, and directness. Their small-scale performances for up to 50 spectators encompass puppets and music in play, education, and therapy, with spectators not only observing but also actively collaborating. In addition to organising workshops (many organised at the House of Children and Art together with Fru Fru Puppet Theatre), Zapik also organises festivals and seminars and publishes books and periodicals.

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