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Contact info
ZANK, zavod za umetniško in kulturno produkcijo
Aljaževa ulica 45, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 505 7922, 386 (0) 4 144 0430
Zemira Alajbegović, Director

Past Events
  • 25 September to 29 September 2020
    Screenings of I am Frank, directed by Metod Pevec (Vertigo), Half-Sister, directed by Damjan Kozole (Vertigo), and Igor and Rosa, directed by Katja Colja (coproduced by Casablanca), the webscreenings of Oroslan, directed by Matjaž Ivanišin (Staragara), and Man with Shadow, directed by Ema Kugler (Zank) at the Leskovac International Film Direction Festival LIFFE at Bioskop Leskovačkog kulturnog centra in Leskovac, Serbia
    programme organiser
  • 11 April to 12 April 2015
    A screening of Echoes of Time, a feature film by experimental artist Ema Kugler, produced by Zank, at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada
  • 2 July to 5 July 2014
    Mister Nahtingal, a solo performance by Neven Korda, produced by Aksioma Institute and co-produced by Zank, and Glow by Fourklor, at the 20th International Theatre Festival PUF at Istrian National Theatre, Museum of Contemporary Art in Istria in Pula, Croatia
  • 4 April to 13 April 2014
    Echoes of Time, a feature film by experimental artist Ema Kugler, produced by Zank, featured at the Worldfest, Houston International Film Festival, winning the Remi special jury award in Houston, USA

Zemira Alajbegović and Neven Korda have been collaborating since the 1980s when they founded the underground theatre group FV 112/15 and established the first independent music label and video production company in the former Yugoslavia. In 1998 they established Zank, a non-profit organisation for artistic and cultural production. Zemira Alajbegović is a director, scriptwriter and journalist, while Neven Korda is a video artist who directs short fiction and documentaries and also works as a video editor, realiser and head of video post-production. Their projects have been screened at international festivals and broadcast by TV stations in Europe and the USA, and they have received many awards for their creative approach. Zank engages in video and documentary production as well as in theatre and music CD production.

Since 2000 the Zank has produced several films by Ema Kugler, including Homo Erectus (2000), Phantom (2003), Le grand macabre (2005) and For the End of Time (2009), which was awarded as the Best Experimental Feature film at New York International Independent Film Video Festival in 2010. The movie Echoes of Time (2013) received several awards such as Van Gogh Award for Excellence in Cinematography at Amsterdam Film Festival in 2015, Rising Star Award at Canada International Film Festival in 2015 and Best Experimental film award at American Movie Awards in 2016 to name a few. Their latest project with Ema Kugler is a science fiction experimental film Man with the Shadow (2019) was awarded with Vesna Award at Festival of Slovenian Film in 2019, and with Best Experimental Film award at both European Cinema Festival in 2019 and Los Angeles Film Awards in 2020.

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