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Contact info
Vertigo Bird
Tržaška cesta 222, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 256 2174
Founded bySilvo Kačar
Silvo Kačar, Director
Mojca Mihailovič, Public Relations
International representation
Online accounts:
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First introduced to the Slovene public at the Month of Design in 2007, the contemporary lighting manufacturer Vertigo Bird has become an internationally renowned Slovene-based brand, known for its quality and timeless design, flexibility and energy efficiency. Vertigo Bird works in close cooperation with various Slovene and international design companies and individual designers, Bevk Perović Arhitekti, SADAR + VUGA Architects, and Nika Zupanc among them.

The brand's most recognisable motif and also its official logo designed by LUKS Studio represents the company's motto: "Unpredictably elegant + unexpectedly functional."


Vertigo Bird was founded and is run by Silvo Kačar, also the founder of Arcadia Lightware, one of Slovenia’s most successful lighting companies, and the owner of fixtures producer Sijaj Hrastnik, where the idea for Vertigo Bird was born. With years of experience in the sales, planning and implementation of lighting solutions, the company knows the problems and the needs of the lighting business. Vertigo Bird operates as an innovative, independent company with its headquarters in Ljubljana.


Vertigo Bird works in close cooperation with various Slovenian and international designers, combining the business experience and talents of renowned creators with the creative energy and originality of a young group of emerging designers. The company nurtures the development of timeless designs suited to any architectural context, for both residential and commercial applications. It works to produce quality, flexible, and energy efficient products and solutions. Its growing collection offers a range of custom-made choices based on individual style preferences and requirements.


In the search for an appropriate name for the new brand the inspiration was found in the contemporary dance film Vertigo Bird [Vrtoglavi ptič] (1997) directed by Sašo Podgoršek and produced by En-Knap Productions. A dance performance beginning in the coalmine of Trbovlje ends with a meaningful and memorable scene where the choreographer and dancer Iztok Kovač climbs high up the shaft and at the end walks on the edge of the highest chimney in Europe just like a Vertigo Bird. Thus the name was born, presenting the brand's hometown and mission – the desire to reach the global market.


In 2008 the light Luc by Arne Vehovar was nominated for Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO). In 2009 the light Slim designed by Bevk Perović Arhitekti won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design. In 2009 Silvo Kačar and the brand Vertigo Bird received the TREND Award for design achievements.

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