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Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana
Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 231 9662
Fax386 (0) 1 433 8074
Founded byForum Ljubljana
Katerina Mirović, Editor
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Past Events
  • 24 January to 26 January 2020
    Strip Core presents a project On Heaven as It Is on Earth by Luka Savić from its Light Guerilla programme at the Vilnus Festival of Lights at Vilnius University Astronomical Observatory in Vilnius, Lithuania
    programme organiser
  • 23 January to 26 January 2020
    Strip Core presents a project Urban Vacillation by Neža Jurman and Soap Opera by Stran 22 from its Light Guerilla programme at the EVI Lichtungen in Hildesheim, Germany
    programme organiser
  • 13 December to 26 December 2019
    Light Oscillator, a kinetic light installation by Tilen Sepič (Strip Core), at the Winter Lights Festival in Linköping, Sweden
  • 25 January to 29 January 2019
    Strip Core presents three projects by Matej Bizovičar, Nina Šulin and Natalija R. Črncec, and Mojca Zlokarnik from its Light Guerilla programme at the Vilnus Festival of Lights at Different locations in old city centre in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 21 September to 23 September 2018
    Colours in Motion, an interactive light and sound installation by Marko Batista (Strip Core), at the Lumina Festival of Light at Igreja Paroquial de Nossa Senhora da Assunção in Cascais, Portugal
  • 13 September to 15 September 2018
    Colours in Motion, an interactive light and sound installation by Marko Batista (Strip Core), and Waves, an audiovisual installation by Martin Bricelj Baraga (MoTA Museum of Transitory Art), at the Visualia Festival of Light at Kandler's Street, The Rise of St. Roch in Pula, Croatia
  • 5 May to 6 May 2018
    The exhibition of Stripburger comics in honour of Strip Core's 25th anniversary and the presentation of Strip Core activities, featuring David Krančan, Bojan Albahari and miha ha, supported by the Slovenian Book Agency, at the Les Voizines at MIAT Museum in Gent, Belgium
  • 25 January to 28 January 2018
    Stripburger (Strip Core) comics presented by David Krančan, Bojan Albahari and Tanja Skale, the curator Matjaž Brulc, and Stripartnica Buch represented by Anže Buh and authors Izar Lunaček and Nejc Juren. at the Angoulême International Comics Festival at BD Alternative Pavillion in Angoulême, France
  • 16 December to 17 December 2017
    Stripburger (Strip Core) comics, Stripburger in Motion and Wanted animated films by Boris Dolenc, and the comics and fanzine author Leon Zuodar at the fair organised by Le Dernier Cri at the Salon Vendetta at Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, France
  • 10 November to 12 November 2017
    The exhibition of silkscreen posters Stripburger in Print: 25 years and the discussion Slovenia Connection with the Stripburger (Strip Core) editors Tanja Skale, Kaja Avberšek and Bojan Albahari, at the GrafMad Festival at Centro Cultural Casa del Reloj in Madrid, Spain
    programme organiser
  • 22 June to 25 June 2017
    Stripburger (Strip Core) presented at Crack! at the CRACK fumetti dirompenti - Rome Festival of Drawn and Printed Art in Rome, Italy
  • 9 June to 10 June 2017
    Stripburger (Strip Core) presents Attention, work!, a series of posters, the animated films Stripburger in motion and Wanted, directed by Boris Dolenc, with editor Tanja Skale and comic artist Gašper Rus participating in a panel discussion, at the Comics Expo Oslo at Deichmanske bibliotek Grünerløkka, Serieteket in Oslo, Norway
  • 8 September to 11 September 2016
    Light Oscilator by Tilen Sepič and Domestic and Wild by Katja Paternoster (Strip Core/Forum Ljubljana) at the Lumina Festival at Parque Marechal Carmona in Cascais, Portugal
  • 23 August to 28 August 2016
    Light Oscilator by Tilen Sepič (Strip Core/Forum Ljubljana) at the Bella Skyway Festival, co-organised the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute, at Theatre "Baj Pomorski" in Toruń, Poland
  • 12 May to 14 May 2016
    Night Visitors, a light installation by Katja Paternoster (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at the Visualia Festival at Old Town in Pula, Croatia
  • 4 March to 14 May 2016
    A double exhibition by photographer DK (Strip Core) at Fotogalerie im Rathaus, Pavelhaus in Graz, Laafeld, Austria
  • 15 October to 18 October 2015
    In Parallel by Nina Šulin and Natalija R. Črnčec (Strip Core) at the Signal Festival at (A)void Floating Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 11 September to 13 September 2015
    Projects In parallel by Natalija Črncec and Nina Šulin, Soundlighter by Izland (Gašper Milkovič Biloslav and Marko Vivoda) and jesusonecstasy aka Mitja Cerkvenik (Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute), and the workshop Clouds by Tilen Sepič (Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana) at the festival Lumina at Galeria da Marina, Jardim da Igreja Paroquial, Pavilhão Multiusos in Cascais, Portugal
  • 25 August to 30 August 2015
    Workshops by Tilen Sepič and Katja Paternoster (Strip Core/Forum Ljubljana) at the Bella Skyway Festival at Baj Pomorski Garden in Toruń, Poland
  • 31 March to 2 May 2015
    Thorn, a series of photographs by DK (Strip Core), at the exhibition Smells Like Teen Spirit, supported by the Slovenian Culture and Information Centre, Vienna (SKICA), Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Vienna, at Fotogalerie Wien in Vienna, Austria
  • 4 April to 29 April 2014
    Stripburger's exhibition Attention, work!, accompanied by a visit from comics artists David Krančan and Jakob Klemenčič (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Le Garage L. in Forcalquier, France
  • 14 March to 16 March 2014
    The exhibition Attention, work! and the presentation of the Stripburger magazine and its international edition Workburger at , coorganised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the The Millionaires Club comics & graphics festival at Galerie KUB in Leipzig, Germany
    programme organiser
  • 1 March to 19 March 2014
    An exhibition of selected comic book art by Kaja Avberšek and Stefano Ricci, co-organised by Stripburger (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Studio Tommaseo in Trieste/Trst, Italy
  • 21 February 2014
    Stripolis, a workshop by Stripburger (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at A plus A Gallery in Venice, Italy
  • 24 November to 1 December 2013
    Sparks of Prometheus, an installation by Marko Kovačič (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at the Tallinn Light Bienalle in Tallinn, Estonia
  • 15 November to 18 November 2013
    Sparks of Prometheus, an installation by Marko Kovačič (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at the Festival Staro Riga in Riga, Latvia
  • 22 October to 26 October 2013
    Contemporary Slovene Animation including the comics exhibition I Feel Great and films Stripburger (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana) in Motion, Patty, Short Film in Perverses, Work, Wall of Sighs, Chicory ‘n’ Coffee, EX PASSU, Lovesick, Katalena: Ta aldowska, Koyaa – The Extraordinary, and The Last Lunch, with Igor Prasel (Animateka International Animated Film Festival) as curator of the programme at the PRIMANIMA World Festival of First Animations in Budaörs, Hungary
    programme organiser
  • 3 October to 17 November 2013
    +386 Impressions, an exhibition of Slovene contemporary graphic art curated by Breda Škrjanec (International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana), featuring works by Stripburger (Strip Core), Katja Skušek and Nataša Skušek (Zlato stegno), Vesna Drnovšek, Tanja Lažetić, Tomaž Tomažin, Sašo Sedlaček, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, and Varl Petra, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Madrid at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid, Spain
  • 13 September to 15 September 2013
    Eclipse, an installation by Tilen Sepič, a workshop by Tomaž Novljan, and a lecture by Katerina Mirović (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Lumina 2013 in Cascais, Portugal
  • 22 August to 25 October 2013
    Stripburger at the exhibition at Pakhuis de Zwijger (guests speakers Kaja Avberšek and Tanja Skale), the Stripburger stand and animation screenings at the Small Press Summit (Gallery Slang). Presentation of Stripburger at the Italian Cultural Institute, produced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at the Striptember Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 21 June to 20 July 2013
    The Last Match, a group exhibition also featuring Slovene illustrators and comics artists: Andrej Štular, David Krančan, Gašper Rus, Kaja Avberšek, Matej Stupica, Matej Lavrenčič, Marko Kociper, Leon Zoudar, Miha Hančič, Petra Preželj in Jakob Klemenčič (Strip Core), at Forum Stadtpark in Graz, Austria
  • 23 May to 26 May 2013
    Stripburger presentation, produced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at the Festival Formula Bula in Paris, France
    programme organiser
  • 30 November to 2 December 2012
    The exhibition Exit station produced by KUD Mreža Arts and Culture Association and Alkatraz Gallery, and co-produced by Strip Core at InteriorDAsein, N gallery, Rosalux in Berlin, Germany
  • 8 November to 30 November 2012
    Stripburger in print exhibition, organised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the AltCom Comics Festival Malmö at Café Simpan in Malmö, Sweden
    programme organiser
  • 8 June to 29 June 2012
    An exhibition by Stripburger (Matej Stupica, Jakob Klemenčič and David Krančan) and a comic book/music jam session (15 June 2012), coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at MJC Lillebonne in Nancy, France
  • 7 October to 16 October 2011
    Greetings from Cartoonia! comic art exhibition with participants: Andrej Stular,Marko Kociper, Katerina Mirović and Boris Dolenc (Stripburger in Motion animation), conceived by Stripburger team, organised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the Anim'est, International Festival of Animated Film Bucharest at Jumatatea Plina Library in Bucharest, Romania
    programme organiser
  • 2 September to 7 September 2011
    A part of Greetings from Cartoonia! (Stripburger) comic art exhibition (Gašper Rus and Domen Finžgar), and Iztok Sitar's presentation produced by (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana) at the Herzegnovski Strip Festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro
    programme organiser
  • 27 May to 13 June 2011
    Presentation of Stripburger, organised by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana at the International Alternative Press Festival in London, United Kingdom
    programme organiser
  • 2 May to 31 May 2011
    Greetings from Cartoonia! comic art exhibition conceived by Strip Core (cf. Stripburger, presented by the editor David Krančan with the guest Matusz Skutnik (PL). Accompanying programme: screenings of Matej Lavrenčič's and Andrej Štular's animation, a concert by Domen Finžgar and Liquidation band, coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at La Zone Cultural centre in Liege, Belgium
  • 11 February to 27 February 2011
    Andrej Štular and Fulvia Spizzo exhibit their new comic art characters for the competition Živeli strip! - Viva i fumetti! 11 organised by Vivacomix and Stripburger (Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), at Visionario Cultural Centre in Udine/Videm, Italy
  • 3 February to 26 February 2011
    Jakob Klemenčič's comic art presented at 1er degré, curated by Matthias Lehmann, coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, at Gallery MJC Lillebonne in Nancy, France
  • 19 May to 13 June 2010
    Stripburger participates with the international project Greetings from Cartoonia at the Festival Internacional de BD de Beja, coproduced by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana, in Beja, Portugal

Founded from the ashes of Hard Core Kolektiv (HCK) in 1989, Strip Core primarily functions as the comic arts production arm of Forum Ljubljana. It creates Slovenia's only comic art magazine, publishes comic books and frequently presents Slovene comic art at numerous international events and exhibitions, from the Salao Lisboa Biennial to the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair. Alongside its publishing activities, Strip Core organises workshops, lectures, exhibitions, multimedia projects and, since 2008, the Lighting Guerrilla Festival.

Lighting Guerrilla 2010 Marko Crnobrnja Trap for readers.jpg

Uniting various fields of art – visual art, video, music and live performances – since its inception, Strip Core regularly collaborates with other protagonists in the cultural field, among them the Animateka Festival, Rdeči revirji!, ZARŠ Records, RogLab (workshops) and galleries and venues all around Slovenia. Some of the regular artists that work with Strip Core are DK (photography), Andrej Štular (comics, objects, installations, puppets), Matej Stupica (installations, paintings, stage sets), Marko A. Kovačič (video, installations, sculpture), Kaja Avberšek (drawings, illustration, visual arts), David Krančan (comics and illustration), etc.


The circle of hard core aficionados gathered around FV Music and ŠKUC Forum established the Hard Core Kolektiv in 1986. Besides organising and promoting music gigs, they've also been delving into visual arts, at that time especially graffiti, poster design and video. After a few years, these activities got separated and the booking and promotion part was mostly taken over by HC BUBA.

The newly-found Strip Core still handled some musical production and multimedia events, mainly for 2227, a hardcore band that got disbanded in 1999. Besides taking care of the band's extensive touring, the Strip Core collective also organised various graffiti exhibitions, but this gradually drifted out of its focus in the late 1990s. Parallel to that, the comic arts magazine/project Stripburger (founded in 1992) became more and more important, and the first international exhibitions of its works were undertaken already in 1994.


With around 70 editions under its belt, Stripburger is still the only Slovene magazine covering news about comics, theories on comics, and works by Slovene and (often very prominent) foreign authors. Being an important resource for comic fans and artists in the region, it publishes comics in Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and English, with some issues in English only. Currently, circa two editions of the magazine get to be published annually.

Though internationally oriented by default, some (often topical) issues are further outwards oriented. Such an example is the Greetings from Cartoonia!, which presented 6 Slovene cartoonists alongside authors from 6 other countries. A more recent one is Workburger, which featured 50 artists, from Brazil to Finland, who present their takes on "work". Both issues evolved into exhibitions that widely toured around Europe.

The magazine is complemented by the so-called Editions series, which features new pieces by Slovene authors (the Republika Strip series), translations of comic classics (the Ambadsada Strip series, presenting translation of comics by foreign artists like Kim Deich, Gunnar Lundkvist and Max Andersson), comic works for the younger generations (the Minimundus series) and various other projects that merge with poetry, music and the like (O Editions). Most of these works are in Slovene, though some are also bilingual.

Viva i Fumetti! / Živel strip!

An important Strip Core activity is the Viva i Fumetti! / Živel strip! (Long live comics!) project, which has been running since 2001 in collaboration with the Vivacomix association. It is an annual public call and competition for comics (and, as of recently, animated features) created by primary and high school students from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy) and Slovenia.

Lighting Guerrilla Festival

First held in 2008, the Lighting Guerrilla is a rather special festival that explores, elaborates and sheds light on the myriad relations between light, the public space and the "confines" of the gallery walls. Well-known for its luminous, site-specific "exhibition objects" presented at several public locations, the festival annually invites numerous internationally recognised artists to set up exhibitions, installations, workshops and performances.

Exhibitions and international appearances

Strip Core has been presenting Slovene comic works at festivals and galleries abroad since its beginnings. In just the last few years, Strip Core has been present by way of stand-alone exhibitions, festival appearances, workshops, screenings and lectures at Maison de la Culture de le Tournai (BE), L’An Vert, Liege (BE), the Helsinki Comics Festival (FI), Galerija SC (HR), Nextcomics Festival (AT), KomiksFEST! (CZ), Treviso Comic Book Festivalu (IT), Le Garage L. (FR), the Millionaires Club (TMC) (DE), Galerie 1er degre (DE), Festival Anim’est (RO), the International Alternative Press Festival (UK), Berliner Comics Festival (DE), etc.

In 2011, the web portal from the Netherlands (called Stripster) issued a piece titled "Slovenia Special", putting in focus a selection of 9 comic art authors, chosen in collaboration with Strip Core.

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