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Contact info
Gregorčičeva 56, SI-2000 Maribor
Miha Horvat
Phone386 (0) 31 761 914
Metka Golec
Phone386 (0) 40 381 702
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Past Events
  • 9 May to 30 June 2019
    Pioneer in Video Art from Thailand, Slovenia, Norway since 1980 exhibition featuring also the works from the Video Art Collection of the Maribor Art Gallery, curated by Miha T. Horvat, Son:DA Foundation, at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 13 November to 14 November 2014
    Fuck You Forever Tartu. Fuck You Forever Maribor, a workshop with Miha Horvat (son:DA), at Y-galerii in Tartu, Estonia
  • 20 August to 8 September 2012
    Maribor <edu> Graz presents the exhibition Lesson 1: A Temporary, Improvised contex of Communication, a joint project by Son:DA and <rotor> (Graz) at Rotor in Graz, Austria
  • 30 June to 21 July 2012
    Maribor <edu> Graz presents the exhibition Lesson 1: A Temporary, Improvised contex of Communication, a joint project by Son:DA and < rotor > (Graz) at Rotor in Graz, Austria

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son:DA is a creative alliance of Metka Golec, who studied architecture in Graz and photography and fine arts in Vienna, and Miha Horvat, who studied anthropology and film in Ljubljana and fine arts and new media in Vienna. They have been collaborating since 2000, when son:DA was engaged as a founding member of the Klon:Art:Resistance group.

An internationally recognised contemporary arts group, son:DA also engages also in the stage design and curatorial projects. It runs a semi-public space Ex-garage with up to 6 international exhibitions annually. As a reaction to the contemporary arts production conditions in Slovenia it has also established the son:DA Foundation.


son:DA creates in various media: computer mouse drawings, space installations and mixed digital/analogue installations and systems. It uses technology both as a theme and a mode of creative production. Their anxious heavy contour lines and deliberately simple flat forms depict the symptoms of an absurdly overwhelmed society struggling with alienation. Topically they speak (and link) new and old technologies, but in a critical and ironical way. Recently son:DA has started to explore also the field of (audiovisual) performance. son:DA widely cooperates and exhibits home and abroad.

Projects and awards

Beside the participation on the numerous international exhibitions son:DA has recently prepared solo exhibitions in Maribor Art Gallery (son:DA print), in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery in Sofia (Items of the Room) and in Mario Mauroner Contemporaray art in Vienna (Last Supper Alias not so Recent Works). In 2007 it exhibited at the 27th Biennial of Graphic Arts. In the same year son:DA received the Golden Bird Award and the OHO Group Award.

Stage design

son:DA engages also in stage design, regularly collaborating with Mini Theatre (with the Kurent performance it participated at Borštnik Theatre Festival in Maribor), with Emanat Institute, and with Muzeum Institute.

Curatorial projects

son:DA regularly engages also in curatorial practice. In 2004 it co-established the Garage for Art Photography (gUF) in Pekarna and in 2007 moved its programme to the Ex-garage venue in Gregorčičeva Street in Maribor.

Curatorial projects since 2004 have also included DI_alog (Maribor Art Gallery), the 2010 edition of the International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA) and publishing projects within the ToX-edition (KIBLA Multimedia Centre, Maribor).

son:DA Foundation

In 2008 son:DA created a foundation to support new structures of funding contemporary art practice and research in Eastern Europe. In 2009 it supported the International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), the EARZOOM Sonic Arts Festival 2010, and the painter Uroš Potočnik.

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