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Launched in March 2003, The Slovenia Times is a monthly English-language magazine which covers all aspects of Slovene society, from business and social topics to culture and sports, however its main focus is economy with a special emphasis on foreign direct investment. Its print-run is 10,000 copies, distributed at Ljubljana Airport, hotels, conferences, on Adria Airways flights, as well as to individual and corporate subscribers around the world.

The website provides daily news in English. Around 75 per cent of the readership are foreigners: business people and diplomats living in Slovenia, while the remaining 25 per cent comprises Slovene business people.

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The publication features monthly political and economical reviews. The features and interviews reflect on the most important developments in all aspects of society, predominantly business and diplomacy. The "Lifestyle" section of the magazine is dedicated to leisure time topics. Regular pages in this segment feature a restaurant review, travel and tourism articles, cultural reviews and the event guide.

Special editions and events

The annual publications by The Slovenia Times are the business catalogue BIS (Business and Investment Slovenia); and two tourist brochures: Summer Guide and Winter Guide.

The Slovenia Times is also the organiser of prestigious business conferences and events, such as "Foreign Direct Investor of the Year" campaign, "FDI Summit" and the "Guest Star" Award, which together with Radio Slovenia International recognises ex-pats for their contribution to Slovene culture, sports, economics, and diplomacy.

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