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Slovenski dnevi knjige
Tomšičeva ulica 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 251 4144, 386 (0) 1 425 2340, 386 (0) 1 421 6430
Organised bySlovene Writers’ Association
Festival dates20.4.2015 - 24.4.2015
18.4.2016 - 23.4.2016
19.4.2017 - 23.4.2017
18.4.2018 - 22.4.2018
15.5.2019 - 18.5.2019
Gabriela Babnik, Vice President
Maja Klavzar, General information
Online accounts:
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Along with some 30 countries around the globe, Slovenia celebrates World Book Day every year on 23 April, which has been designated by UNESCO as the day of worldwide celebration of books and reading. To observe this occasion, the Slovene Writers’ Association organised the first Slovene Book Days as a one-day event in 1996. Since 1998 it has taken the form of a five-day open-air book fair, involving the majority of Slovene publishers. The event takes place in Ljubljana and other Slovene towns.

The book fairs are accompanied by daily literary readings, book launches, concerts, workshops, book presentations, and performances, discussions, and a rich cultural entertainment programme.


Although the core focus of the one-week festival is Slovene literature, various other artistic genres are included in the events, offering visitors an in-depth and varied perspective into literature. In certain cities, the festival takes place within the context of lively book fairs. Among the traditional goals of the festival is raising awareness about the reading culture, facilitating direct contact between the reading public and authors from different generations, and publicizing the achievements of Slovene literature. In recent years, the festival has focused on a variety of current themes and has expanded possibilities for people working in the field of culture. It is also useful for drawing attention to problems that are present, though sometimes repressed, in modern society, such as the faster tempo of life, which in turn raises the question of how to attract people to books and present quality content in a contemporary and attractive way.


Since 1997 Slovene Book Days has taken place not only in Ljubljana but in other Slovene towns round Slovenia, for instance in Maribor where it is organised jointly with MKC Maribor) in Celje, Novo mesto and Koper.


At the opening ceremony of Slovene Book Days, the winner of the Best Short Story Award is announced. Taking place during Slovene Book Days in Maribor is also the finale of the Poetry Tournament organised by Pivec Publishing House.

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