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Revija Razpotja
XXX. Divizije 13a, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Published byDruštvo humanistov Goriške
Miha Kosovel, Editor in Chief
Phone386 (0) 51 203 100
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Razpotja Journal is a quarterly publication launched in 2010 and published by Goriška Humanist Association. Functioning as some sort of intellectual crossroads (which is also the meaning of the journal's name), Razpotja publishes commentaries, short essays, interviews, and various reviews from contributors of very heterogeneous political, social, generational, and professional milieus. Touching on issues of general concern, the journal is bent to foster an informed public discussion, with the texts subsequently more or less written in a non-academic, accessible style.


Foremost being a place for a substantiated public debate, the journal also offers a unique opportunity for young and emerging intellectuals being published, with "millennials" actually providing most of the pieces. Alongside, one can read texts by established social scientists, poets, critical thinkers, and even politicians. These are accompanied by illustrations and visual essays on the main topic of the issue, contributed by Slovene illustrators of the younger generation.

Each edition focuses on a pre-given topic, with most of the articles based on an open call for papers, published on the website as well as in the journal. These themes are open for interpretation, with some of them being Europe, Nietzsche, Health, Families, Space, Economic crisis, Youth, Max Fabiani, and so on. Perspectives on these topics can be of a local, global, philosophical, political, or any other nature, provided they show intellectual honesty and an argumentative approach.

Each issue also includes an essay with a philosophical take on current social phenomena and an enquiry on cultural issues in different European countries, mostly written by emergent European authors (Café Europa). The former is alternated with the section American Diner, bringing essays on US culture and society.


While the journal is available free of charge on a number of public locations (like libraries), one can also get free physical copies through the mail or just read its web editions. It is funded through donations by readers and by public funding. Since 2015 it has been part of Eurozine, the European online cultural journals network that pools more than 80 select magazines dealing with culture.

The Razpotja website offers original (German, Spanish, Italian, and English) texts of its translated articles from foreign authors.

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