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Past Events
  • 24 May 2019
    Before the eyes, an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH) and Martina Testen, at the Magmart International Videoart Festival at CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy
  • 10 October 2018 to 15 January 2019
    Raintrap, an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH), and Before the eyes by Martina Testen, in the Curatorial Program #3 section at the Miami New Media Festival at Concrete Space, Librería Mamey, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Paseo Wynwood in Miami, Rome, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA
  • 31 August 2018
    C.M.B.R., an audiovisual composition by Simon Šerc (PureH), in the Media Installations Competition section at the International Video Festival Videomedeja at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 27 June 2018
    Before the Time, an audiovisual composition by PureH, at the Art & Science Days Bourges at Médiathèque de Bourges in Bourges, France
  • 25 March 2018
    CMBR, an audiovisual composition produced by PureH, at the New Texture: The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art at CICA Museum in Gimpo, South Korea
  • 11 May 2017
    CMBR, an audiovisual composition produced by PureH, at the Sound Thought Festival at Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, United Kingdom

On the alternative and electronic music scene since 1993, PureH – in its current incarnation – is a moniker of its founder Simon Šerc, a sound and video artist, recording engineer, performer, producer and head of the PharmaFabrik label.

PureH produces experimental, ambient-leaning electronica, often accompanied by corresponding video works. Besides producing his own music, Šerc has also done commissions for theatre.


PureH was one of the first Slovene bands to fuse together modern electro, a variety of ambiental, dub and heavy New York illbient music with acoustic rock instruments, performing it at live concerts with the addition of synchronised video projections as a counterweight to laptop artists and DJs. In Slovenia, PureH is considered one of the pioneers of electronic computer music.


PureH has released works under numerous aliases such as Spheres, Glaxprism, XARQ, KSVLKSV, Cadlag (side project) and many more. The remix album Signia was released in 2007 with artists KK Null, Eraldo Bernocchi, Surgeon, Psychedelic Desert, Chris Wood, P.C.M. and others.

PureH has appeared on various compilations, festivals, TV/radio commercials; at World Expo 2000; and also received the "Bumerang" alternative music award for experimental music in 2000.

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