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Contact info
Prosvetno društvo Soča Kanal
Pionirska 8, SI-5213 Kanal ob Soči
Phone386 (0) 5 305 1775
Milica Zimic
Phone386 (0) 51 636 930
Darja Žorž, Club of Ceramicists Representative
Gradnikova 24, SI-5213 Kanal ob Soči
Phone386 (0) 31 867 872
Ferdo Žorž, Club of Ceramicists Kanal Representative
Phone386 (0) 31 682 971

One of the most active and oldest NGOs in the region, Prosvetno društvo Soča Kanal seeks to develop and promote art and culture continuing the tradition of the Kanal's reading society which was founded by Josip Kocijančič in 1867. It runs an active cultural programme including the Riko Debenjak Gallery that displays a permanent collection of Riko Debenjak's prints and organises several solo and group exhibitions.

The society organises the annual international Festival of Contemporary Music Kogoj’s Days and manages also the Kazimir Nanut Male Choir, the Club of Ceramists, and is in charge of the Josip Kocijančič Library that is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Club of Ceramicists Kanal

The Club of Ceramicists Kanal, established in 1994, seeks to popularise contemporary ceramic art. It joins 26 members that gather at weekly meetings and organise monthly exhibitions to display their latest works in the premises of the Club on Kidričeva Street. In 2012 there were exhibitions by Ferdo Žorž, Andreja Krpan, Nives Volk, and others. Individual members also participate in workshops and exhibitions elsewhere in Slovenia and abroad.

The club annually organises group exhibitions in the Riko Debenjak Gallery as well as an exhibition at the end of the club's ceramics courses. Various ceramics and sometimes sculpture workshops organised by the club have thus far been led by Dubravka Urban, Alenka Vidrgar, Darja Žorž, Tone Rački, Petra Škerjanc, Zvonko Bizjak, and Dragica Čadež, the latter teaching about small–sized sculpture.

The club cooperates with related associations, for example, with the Ceramics Artists and Pottery Makers Association and the Ceramicists Society POC Ajdovščina. The biennial group exhibition TRANSFORMA is organised in collaboration with Centro Culturale Tullio Cralli from Gorizia, Italy.


The Prosvetno društvo Soča Kanal regularly publishes catalogues and brochures for art exhibitions that take place in the Riko Debenjak Gallery; at the 30th anniversary of the gallery they published the book Galerija Rika Debenjaka, Kanal ob Soči : 30 let : 1977–2007 with contributions by Andrej Maffi, Peter Blažej, Tatjana Pregl Kobe, and others. They published catalogues for all four exhibitions of the series It's a Woman's World of Art (2007–2011), War and Peace: Memories and Monuments (2007) and Views of the Soča River Valley – a Different Perspective (2006) all with texts by Monika Ivančič Fajfar.

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