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Contact info
Spominska hiša Otona Župančiča
Vinica 9, SI-8344 Vinica
Phone07 30 64 343
Managed byBela krajina Museum, Metlika
Anita Matkovič, Custodian

Dedicated to Slovene poet Oton Župančič (1878–1949), the Oton Župančič Memorial House, established in 1991, is a house erected on the site of Župančič former homestead (which burned down in 1888). The museum, set in the centre of Vinica, a town on the banks of the Kolpa river, also commemorates the birth of teacher Franjo Lovšin (1863–1931), born in the same house, and the native Oton Berkopec (1906–1988), a Slavist, poet, and translator. In the garden there is a bust of Oton Župančič by the sculptor Jakob Savinšek.

The place was thoroughly renovated in 2015, when additional exhibitions were also installed, curated by Marijan Dović from the Institute of Slovene Literature and Literary Sciences. The memorial house is managed by the Bela krajina Museum, Metlika.


The exhibition on the ground floor first introduces visitors to the poet's family, his childhood and youth, with photographs and documentary material. The cultural and social environment in which Župančič grew up is also illustrated, with special emphasis on the emigration problem in the Bela krajina region. A chronological survey of Župančič's literary and other work is presented, together with a survey of published and translated works and his translations of foreign authors. Župančič often used the names of ethnological objects in his poetry and in the last room poems of that kind are exhibited and illustrated by the objects to which the poet refers.

The second display is that of the history Vinica, a tiny town that as a settlement nevertheless boasts a long history dating back to the iron age.

The third exhibition was in 2015 moved here from the Bela krajina Museum. It presents notable inhabitants of the Bela krajina region – 39 of them are presented, among them people of letters, scientists, musicians and other artists. One can see their personal belongings, documentary photos, their works, biographies and so on.

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