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Contact info
Knjižnica Otona Župančiča (KOŽ)
Kersnikova 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 308 5500
Fax386 (0) 1 600 1332
Managed byLjubljana City Library
Barbara Cesar, Head librarian
Phone386 (0) 1 308 5509

The Oton Župančič Library was established in 1981 with the amalgamation of three libraries: the City Library (established in 1911 as St Jacob Library by the Industry Society of St Jacob district), the Workers Library (established in 1926 by the Workers Chamber) and the Pionirska (Youth) Library (established in 1948). In Autumn 2006 these three original branches were united in a brand new six-storey building (with each floor covering 1,000 square metres) at Kersnikova 2 in central Ljubljana. The library also has three smaller branches in Ljubljana – the Poljane, and Nove Poljane libraries – and has been operating a mobile library since 1974; in 2007 a new bibliobus was purchased.

In 2008, the Oton Župančič Library together with the Bežigrad Library, Slovanska Library, Prežihov Voranc Library, Šiška Library, and Jože Mazovec Library merged the biggest public library in Slovenia, now known as the Ljubljana City Library. The culture programme is enhanced by an array of events for children and adults.

Services and activities

With approximately 25,400 registered members, the library contains 350,000 items and offers books in 11 languages. Its most important available databases are IUS INFO (all Slovene legal documents online) and IEFL Direct. As Slovenia's most popular library, it has developed several information services, including the Stripoteka comic book collection and the Mediateka, which comprises materials from the fields of music, film, theatre, and dance.

It also houses a concert room and a special room for screenings. These premises are intended for those who wish to spend their free time actively, by listening to music, watching films, or attending cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, film projections, workshops, discussions, or browsing online.

The library also administers the Pionirska - Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship and the Centre for Self-Education for adults, which offers a series of introductory IT courses for adults as one of its priority programmes. Visually impaired users can borrow books in large print as well as audio books, while a free book delivery service is available for users unable to visit the library on account of their illness, age, or physical disability.

The chess corner allows beginners as well as masters to hone their skills by making use of the rich collection of chess literature. In addition to providing information on chess events in Slovenia and abroad, the library also features two chess tables and organises chess lessons for beginners.

Other significant services include the "stock exchange" of knowledge and the "stock exchange" of jobs, where information providers help users find information, fill in application forms, write CVs, etc. The library collaborates in the Kamra.si online digital archive project and prepares its own digital collection of texts. All library members can use the e-point free of charge, while visitors are required to pay a fee. Throughout the library free wireless Internet is available.

Oton Župančič salon and study room

Since January 2008 the library houses a salon and study room dedicated to Oton Župančič (1878–1949), an important and renowned Slovene writer and translator. The display was prepared by the City Museum of Ljubljana.

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