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Društvo za Eno glasbo
Eipprova ulica 19, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Bojan Cvetrežnik
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Established in 2005, the core of the One Music Society is formed by a collective of people with a very multifaceted and original approach to musical culture. Under the wing of this society, they set up musical performances, organise educative workshops, lead a label and try to form and inform various cultural policies. All of these fields are treated with a strong ethical stance on the nature of musical creation and dissemination, thus setting up alternative models for musical production. An example of this is their house-concert cycle One Music Salon.

The organisation was established by the multi-instrumentalist Bojan Cvetrežnik aka Bojan CV, the founding member of Terrafolk and Symbolic Orchestra and also an avid musical pedagogue. The musicians involved are often also connected with the Celinka Agency musical field or come from the Godalika collective.


In its workshops and courses, One Music Society presents various skills and approaches that are usually not part of the formal music curriculum. They are aimed at kids, adolescents, children with disabilities, music students and also music pedagogues, presenting the concepts and practices of improvisation, public performances, advanced strings instruments techniques and so on.

One of the workshops features an interactive concert of the Symbolic Orchestra, with the band presenting various traditions of European music. Another workshop is led by the versatile music producer Janez Križaj, who presents the notion of psychoacoustics and the complex webs of sound, senses and psychological effects.

Musical hygiene

One Music Society explicitly rejects the understanding of music as urban (overlapping) background noise. Their creed is "Out of silence is music born" and they have engaged in multiple activities on the topic of sound pollution. The members of the society work on changing the municipal urban policies, try to transform (or at least sensibly implement) the existing law on this issue and inform the public about it.

With this in mind, for example, they have organised a workshop for kids, who were taken on a walk through the old city centre of Ljubljana, listening to different sounds, trying to discern possible sound pollution and getting to know the culture of street musicianship.

Another important focus of One Music Society is addressing the issues of authors' rights legislation and the wider questions of culture policies regarding independent artists.

Other events and activities

The people around the One Music Society often set their musical performances on the streets, and have done so abroad as well. They have organised gigs by different Slovenian musicians in a number of countries around the world and engaged a colourful list of foreign musicians to cooperate with the Symbolic Orchestra. In cooperation with Celinka Agency, they organised the globally held Fête de la Musique event in 2011.

In a way quite opposite from these street and global activities, they organise intimate house concerts called One Music Salon. They also have a label and have released music from Brencl Banda, Symbolic Orchestra, Bujrum and others.

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