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Contact info
Nagrade Meseca oblikovanja
Dunajska cesta 123, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 431 2222
Founded byZavod Big
Zmago Novak, Managing Director
Ivan Ferjančič, Editorial Director

Since 2003, the National Design Awards are presented annually at the festival Month of Design for significant contributions to Slovene design. The award was founded by Zavod Big to recognise the design excellence on the corporate, individual and institutional level. The awards are granted in four categories and open to a number of fields, including interior and product design, architecture, technology and industrial design, fashion and more.

Since 2018, the BigSEE Awards are also presented at the Month of Design, expanding the range of recipients to include those in the 19 countries of the greater Southeast European region.


The four National Design Awards categories are described below.

Design of the Year

Design of the Year is awarded for the best product design in the previous year.

In 2019, Design of the Year (first prize) award was presented to Gigodesign for designing kitchen composter Bokashi Organko 2 (BO 2) for Plastika Skaza. The composter encourages people to produce healthy, natural food at home, with urban garden on the window sill, on the balcony or classically in the garden. Expert jury in this category consisted of: Maja Tasič Demšar, Jelena Pirkmajer (Cliché), Mateja Panter, Branko Uršič and president Lenka Bajželj.

Interior of the Year

Interior of the Year is awarded for the best interior design achievement in the previous year.

The award for the best interior design in 2019 was presented to Nuša Jelenec for designing the interior of Picerija Trappa premises. The jury, consisting of Ana Gruden, Peter Gabrijelčič, Jurij Sadar and president Kristina Dešman, selected Picerija Trappa project for the 2019 Interior of the Year Award in the sub-category public interior.

Timeless Design

The Timeless Design Awarded is bestowed for the design that has passed the test of time and proved that it has everlasting value.

In 2019, the recipient of the Timeless Design Award was Tihomir Tomić for his blown-glass coffee cups in clear and etched versions designed for Steklarna Boris Kidrič, Rogaška Slatina in 1980. Recognised among the world's glass experts for their excellent design and craftsmanship, the cups were produced in a limited series and sold outside Yugoslavia in prominent stores such as Mikase, Macy's, Ralf Lorrain and Bloomingdales, among others.

Perspectives Award

Awarded to rising stars for recognisable achievements designed by young talents in the fields of industrial design, fashion and architecture.

In 2019, the Perspectives Award was, among others, presented to a group of students (students of the Faculty of Design and one student of the interdisciplinary study of Cognitive Science) for designing board games for people with dementia. This project is extremely topical, since the number of older people in the developed world is increasing rapidly, and at the same time the proportion of people with dementia is increasing. The students developed 12 games that serve to slow the progress of cognitive decline while being a preventative measure to improve attention, memory, orientation and thinking.

For an extensive list of award recipients and awarded design solutions, respectively, see External links below (link to National Design Awards list (in Slovene, sorted by year).

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