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Past Events

The Mladinska knjiga Publishing House was established as early as 1945 and remains the largest publishing house in Slovenia, with a tradition of publishing books, textbooks and magazines for more than 70 years. In its long history, it has published more than an impressive 100 million books.

From 1945, when the newly-founded publishing house released the first 6 books (the first of them entitled Ciciban Reads), until today, the "Youth Book Publishing House" has evolved into a general publisher with a rich and diverse programme for all generations. It started publishing major original projects of national importance, such as the Enciklopedija Slovenije (Encyclopedia of Slovenia) (in 16 volumes), Atlas Slovenije (Atlas of Slovenia), Veliki slovenski leksikon (Great Slovenian Lexicon) and the Bible, to name a few.

Today, the Mladinska knjiga Group has branches in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia. It also manages the Cankarjeva Publishing House and a network of about 55 Mladinska knjiga Bookshops around Slovenia, the largest of which, Konzorcij Bookstore, is in Ljubljana.

Mladinska knjiga hosts the Frankfurt after Frankfurt Book Fair and Bologna after Bologna Children's Book Fair. It also bestows the Levstik Award for children's literature, and the Blue Bird Award for best manuscript of an adult or young adult novel.

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Publishing programme

The book programme encompasses a variety of genres: from fiction to sophisticated manuals and encyclopedias. It has traditionally been focused on publishing original children's picture books, which are also enriched with illustrations by Slovenian authors, as well as original fiction for young people and adults. Very early on, Mladinska knjiga began publishing local and world adult literature. Evidence of this is the oldest book collections Kondor, Lirika, Nova slovenska knjiga (New Slovenian Book), which are still successful and popular among readers today. Among the greatest hits by the number of titles sold are popular scientific works by Slovenian authors.


The Kondor collection of prose works, referred to as a Slovenian Penguin Classics, was launched six decades ago in 1956 and has reached around 350 titles. Also still popular is the collection Nova slovenska knjiga that was launched in 1971. The collection Lirika, established in 1970, today includes over 150 titles of world poetry translations.


Mladinska knjiga is also the main publisher of magazines for children (Cicido, Ciciban, Moj planet, PIL) and secondary school students (PILplus), and general readers (GEA). In 2004, it started a partnership with Reader's Digest Inc. and began publishing the Slovenian version of Reader's Digest magazine.


Mladinska knjiga has established 2 national awards: since 1949 it has bestowed the Levstik Award for original literature and original illustrations for children and young people; and since 2012, the Blue Bird Award for the best unpublished Slovenian book work. In 2002, Mladinska knjiga Publishing House received the golden honorary badge of freedom of the Republic of Slovenia for its publishing of the Encyclopedia of Slovenia series.

Public outreach

Since 1968, Mladinska knjiga runs the educational project Vesela šola ("Merry School") linked to the Pionirski list (later called PIL or PILplus) magazine for upper-level primary school pupils and secondary school students.

The Mladinska knjiga book club, called Svet knjige ("World of the Book") was established in 1974 and has more than 100,000 members. Later, they established bookclub Ciciklub aimed at the youngest readers.

Sunflower Gallery

Since 2008, Mladinska knjiga runs also the Sunflower Gallery that presents mostly book illustrations by the authors working with and for the Mladinska knjiga Publishing House and those who are publishing their work in the abovementioned children's magazines.

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