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EU funding

updated 6 days ago

Culture! poster.jpg

The interactive infographics represents the data related to the EU funding for culture, film and audiovisual media raised by Slovene organisations in the period 2000–2018. In 19 years 220 organisations have been involved in 925 projects with the European dimension.

In 2013 a data mining and interoperability project was performed by the teams of the Creative Europe Desk Slovenia and with the aim of presenting the whole bunch of data in a graphic way, and incite further analyses and comparative researches. Since then the infographic is being regularly updated as soon as results are announced.

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

updated 5 days ago

Today the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM) – a museum "about people, for people" – presents traditional and urban, mass and pop culture in Slovenia as well as from diaspora. The museum's origins can be traced back to the ethnographic collections of the Provincial Museum of Carniola, established in 1821, although its immediate precursor was the Royal Ethnographic Museum, founded in 1923. Its rich exhibition programme is dedicated also to non-European cultures. Parts of its rich ethnological collections and special curated projects are also presented online.

The museum has three departments and several curatorships: the documentation department with a photo studio, the conservation and restoration department, and the library are important information resources. SEM also features as the national coordinator of intangible culture. Since 2007, SEM has also organised the international Days of Ethnographic Film (DEF) together with the Slovene Ethnological Society and the Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts.

SEM is situated in the new cultural centre in the former barracks complex on Metelkova ulica in Ljubljana, with the National Museum of Slovenia and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM) as its neighbours. The SEM Café is one of the most popular meeting points in Ljubljana.

Forum of Slavic Cultures International Foundation

updated 5 days ago

The initiative to set up the Forum of Slavic Cultures was presented for the first time during the Bush-Putin Summit at Brdo pri Kranju in June 2001. The Forum of Slavic Cultures is an international institution established in 2004 as a legal entity of private law ("ustanova"). The organisation and operation of the Forum of Slavic Cultures falls under responsibility of the Ministry of Culture.

Ethnological Collection of Koper Regional Museum

updated 8 days ago

The Ethnological Collection of Koper Regional Museum, established in 1983, is presented in Casa veneta a gheffo, a Venetian-Gothic building, erected in the 14th century close to the Koper town walls and reconstructed in 1983. Inside the building an ethnological collection of the material and the spiritual culture of Slovene Istria, Brkini, Čičarija, and the Upper Karst from the 17th century onwards is exhibited.

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

updated 2 days ago

Grossmann Film and Wine Festival - 01.jpg

The Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is a specialised competitive festival focusing on contemporary genre film production, mostly on those of horror and fantasy films. It was launched in 2005 on the 100th anniversary of Slovene cinema and is dedicated to Dr. Karol Grossmann (1864–1929), the pioneer of Slovene cinema who made the first film shots in 1905. The Festival takes place annually in July in different locations in the city of Ljutomer and was named one of the "30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World", according to MovieMaker Magazine. The call for eligible films is usually open from January till May. The 2020 edition is held in Ormož (10-12.7.), then in Ljutomer (14-18.7.).

Kapelica Gallery

updated 5 days ago

Maja Smrekar - BrainTV - installation Kapelica Gallery - Photo Miha Fras.jpg

Managed by the Kersnikova Institute and housed in a former chapel on Kersnikova 4 in Ljubljana, the Kapelica Gallery is not only a space of interactions and experiments with new paradigms in contemporary art, but also one of the central platforms of contemporary art research in Slovenia. The gallery was established in 1995 by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana and has been since led by the architect and curator Jurij Krpan.

The gallery's programme focuses on the art production that has been scarce or completely absent in other Slovene galleries and is divided into four main thematic groups: installations and ad hoc projects, technology through art, science through art, and corporeality through art.

Kavčnik Homestead

updated 8 days ago

Kavcnik Homestead 2007 Exterior Photo Janez Novak.jpg

Kavčnik Homestead in Zavodnje near Šoštanj is a splendid example of Slovene vernacular architecture, with a 400-year-old smokehouse (dimnica or kuhna). It was in use in the Alpine region and is the southernmost surviving example. A unique example of rural architecture the homestead was opened as an open air museum in 1992 and was nominated for the Museum of the Year Award in 1993. As the homestead was inhabited until 1983, the tools, furniture, and living quarters found within still give the impression that somebody is living there.

Kombinat Architects

updated 5 days ago

Drawing on their diverse experience in Slovenia, Belgium and Austria, the partners in Kombinat Architects bring their awareness and expertise of materials and spaces together in the creation of residential, parking and municipal designs.

First coming together as Kombinat group in 2006, Alenka Korenjak, Tomaž Čeligoj and Blaž Kandus were joined in 2008 by Ana Grk and together they founded Kombinat Architects. A number of architects have worked at the studio since its founding, and the current group is made up of Grk, Kandus, Korenjak, Alja Mišigoj and Rok Preskar.

Before setting up their own office, the team partners gained experience at renowned offices at home and abroad: Ana Grk at Bevk Perović Arhitekti and Huiswerk in Antwerp (BE), Blaž Kandus at Bevk Perović Arhitekti and henke und schreieck Architekten in Vienna (AT), and Alenka Korenjak at henke und schreieck Arhitekten and PPAG in Vienna (AT).

Kombinat Architects collaborates with freelance architects and other studios to produce designs that draw on the richness of local cultures and materials.

Kombinat Architects 2012 house Novo mesto.jpg

Month of Design

updated 5 days ago

Month of Design 2009 KOAX Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.jpg

Organised since 2003 by Zavod Big (a.k.a. BIG SEE), the Month of Design is a collaboration between successful companies and their design strategies, designers and developers with a business vision, and brand experts, who know how to capture market imagination. This internationally acclaimed festival of product design, interior architecture and fashion is held in Ljubljana every autumn from October till November.

Velenje Museum

updated 8 days ago

Velenje Castle - 04.jpg

Housed in Velenje Castle, the Velenje Museum is a public cultural institution which collects, documents and preserves the cultural heritage of Velenje and the Šaleška Valley. Its diverse collections are displayed in a number of thematic exhibitions. They cover a vast range of historical periods and phenomena including prehistoric times and the remains discovered in the Šaleška Valley from 2 types of mastodons; the development of the modern mining town of Velenje during Socialism; the internationally important African collection gathered by František Foit; Baroque church art; sculptures and designs of Ciril Cesar; contemporary art from the Gorenje Art Collection; authentic interiors from the 1930s, and other ethnological reconstructions of the characteristic vernacular heritage of the Šaleška Valley.

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