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Luwigana Gallery

updated 6 hours ago

Established in 2000, the Luwigana Gallery is one of two gallery spaces of Studio Černe, a framing company which for more than two decades has offered installation services and equipment for exhibitions around Slovenia, also for private customers. Located in the Ljubljana old city centre, in 2007 the gallery opened another filial in Bled: Gallery 14, which occasionally prepares exhibitions of selected artists and their recent works.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the multidisciplinary group Laibach, both the Luwigana Gallery and Gallery 14 presented the exhibition Laibach 2010 featuring the internationally acclaimed group's latest graphic production based on their rich history of images. These exhibitions accompanied the larger exhibition prepared by the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana from April to June 2010 entitled Gesamtkunst Laibach, Fundamentals 1980–1990 [Gesamtkunst Laibach, Temelji 1980–1990].

Gallery 14

updated 6 hours ago

Established in 2007, Gallery 14 in Bled is one of two gallery spaces of Studio Černe, a framing company which for more than two decades has offered installation services and equipment for exhibitions around Slovenia, also for private customers. Gallery 14 prepares occasionally exhibitions of selected artists and their recent works like the photographic exhibition American Express of Jane Štravs, which in 2009 was awarded the TREND Award.

GVR babaLAN Institute

updated 2 hours ago

GVR babaLAN Institute for Contemporary Arts is a producer of polymedia art, established in 1992 by Vlado G. Repnik. A vehicle for the work of the theatre director, painter and multimedia artist Vlado Repnik, the institute has focused on the production of authorial theatre projects, later on also internet and new media projects as well as interventions in the public space.

Since 2015 the GVR babaLan projects have been coproduced by Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Kam pa kam?, Luftballett), or KIBLA Multimedia Centre in Maribor (Caravaggio, Situation Map, The Witness).

Koala Voice 2015 Kam pa kam.jpg

Ptuj Festival

updated 6 days ago

Ptuj Festival was established in 1969 and was set up as an embellishment of the 1900th anniversary of the first recorded mention of the city of Ptuj. Organized by Radio Ptuj - who still handles it today - it was the first folk pop music festival in Slovenia, coming into being merely a decade and a half after the genre itself was 'created' by the Avsenik brothers. Their "classic quintet" still resounds in how the competition categories of the festivals are divided, one being for quintet formations with an accordion, trumpet, clarinet, guitar and bass, and the second for all the others.

This competition format, with the winners usually chosen by a combination of the expert jury and public votes, has later been adopted by numerous other similar festivals. Nowadays, there are awards for the best songs in each category (and one also for the best song according to the audience), and also for the best lyrics and best vocal performance and the audience.

Radio Študent (RŠ)

updated 5 days ago

Established in 1969 by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana, Radio Študent (RŠ) is one of Europe's oldest and strongest non-commercial, alternative radio stations. Its diverse and dedicated programme activities encompass presenting and evaluating different forms of popular music, covering and analysing current political and social phenomena, dealing with the many fields of arts and humanities, following and critically dissecting student and university politics and policies, enacting radio plays, reciting works of literature and poetry – and quite a lot more.

All of the above is permeated by wit, humour, a laid back approach, political responsibility and intellectual vigour and thoroughness. It is broadcast on 89.3 MHz (500 W) UKV stereo, covering Ljubljana and its surroundings (a basin of 500,000 potential listeners), and is (since 1998) available to listen online.

Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery

updated 2 days ago

Under the initiative of Matija Plevnik, art historian and enthusiastic promoter of contemporary art, the not-for-profit Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery was established in 2008 by Plevnik and a group of young local artists. The gallery is situated in the private premises (former shop) on the outskirts of the Celje centre and represents a unique exhibition, production, and project space with a versatile international programme. Although primarily dedicated to showcasing younger generations of Slovene and international visual artists, the gallery collaborates also with other organisations which range from the mainstream public institutions such as the Celeia Celje Institute - Centre for Contemporary Arts to the regional Savinjska division of FAO (Federation for Anarchistic Organisation).

Gallery currently does not have a permanent exhibition space and exhibits occasionally in the heart of the old city at various locations.

KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts

updated 6 days ago

The KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts, established in 2000, is a platform for the research of urban public spaces. The main focuses of KUD C3 are the communities in urban environments and the relationship that inhabitants have to the space they live in. In their projects, KUD C3 chooses key places in urban environments and tries to involve the local community in transforming the socially-conditioned habitat. The projects take into account the architectural, economical, cultural, or gender-based characteristics of a certain urban settlement. The research of trends in urban studies focuses on interventions in public spaces in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Koper) and abroad (Central European cities, Mexico City). In 2018 the project Collective Housing: New Initiatives has presented, defined and disseminated topics of past and contemporary collective living, urban planning and architecture, urban solidarity practices, cooperation in neighborhood communities as well as progressive sustainable housing policies and housing models. 

Members of KUD C3 include architects, media artists, photographers, theorists, writers, and more.

KUD C3 Society for Culture and Arts 2008 Odsev zelje.jpg

Glej Theatre

updated 9 days ago

Established in 1970, Glej Theatre is the oldest independent performing arts venue in Ljubljana. An important theatre production and education institution, Glej has been striving to explore theatrical practices in novel and daring ways ever since its early days. It remains a place open to unorthodox approaches and theatrical research, fore-fronting the upcoming generations of artists.

Glej Theatre 2010 In the name of the people Photo Urška Boljkovac.jpg

Bugbrain Studio

updated 10 days ago

Bugbrain - Dusan - 02.jpg

Established in 2006 by Dušan Kastelic, Bugbrain Studio is an independent multimedia and animation studio based in Zagorje. It is well known for its animated short films that won several international awards, but the studio is also working on animation in computer games and in commercials and it is producing comics and illustrations.

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