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Kamizdat is a Slovene netlabel focused on electronic and experimental music made by Slovene artists. Founded in 2006 and resurrected in 2013, the label's efforts are characterised by the values of D.I.Y. ethos, local participation, use of free software, copy-left licensing, and critical theory.

With the releases being free to download yet often also released physically, Kamizdat pays a great deal of attention to collaboration with local artisans who contribute unique and imaginative packaging, a trademark of the label.


Dedicated to releasing local artists, Kamizdat manages to cover a rather vast scope of genres and styles and consistently deliver innovative and quality output. At first it was primarily committed to digital releases, but every now and then they also deliver physical releases in limited editions.

Kamizdat is led by Luka Prinčič (a musician, media artist and DJ, usually working under the moniker Nova deViator) and the dancer, choreographer and vocalist Maja Delak (together they form the Wanda & Nova deViator duo and work together at the Emanat Institute).


Kamizdat tends to bring forth undiscovered as well as established audio-visual artists. Their works are mostly released under the Creative Commons licences, although sometimes even those aren't applied, depending on the preferences of the authors. Kamizdat's authorship management is "copyleft" rather than "copyright". All the releases are available for download and/or purchases on Kamizdat's Bandcamp page.

Some of the musicians released by Kamizdat are the techno producer Nina Hudej, the multimedia artist Agapea, the vocalist Irena Tomažin, the noise duo Ontervjabbit and the tandem Wanda & Nova deViator. In 2016 a compilation of exploratory electronica from Slovenia titled "Access Frame: Property" was released.

A noticeable feature of Kamizdat is the prevalence of female musicians, a lack of which is often noticeable on other labels.

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