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Situated right in the middle of Metelkova mesto, Jalla Jalla is a small congenial place ran under a strong ethic of DIY principles. It is open almost every evening and as a rule never has an entrance fee. It leads a varied, fairly laid back programme of regular DJ nights, art exhibitions, film screenings and occasional concerts. The programme is quite open and, if need be, can easily accommodate for ad hoc events.

It also runs some of its affairs by day, and one can find things like bicycle repair workshops, sewing workshops, free foreign language courses, and such. It participates in the Food Not Bombs movement, serving free vegan meals each Friday.


Its name coming from Arabic and meaning 'Let's go, let's go', Jalla Jalla was built in 2004 as one of the last Metelkova projects created under the auspices of the Axt un Kelle workshop. It was a DIY and self-initiated endeavour and this log cabin is the only Metelkova venue built from scratch. That was part of the reason why it was long scheduled to be demolished by the authorities, but it has gradually come to be accepted as a vital part of the urban landscape of Metelkova. Covered in paintings and graffiti, the place is still in a state of a permanent upgrade.


The most regular programme at Jalla Jalla are its DJing nights, with their musical orientations being extremely varied. On any particular day of the week one can hear reggae, dub, metal, psy trance, Bollywood songs, ethno, punk and rock'n'roll. Though it has some semi-resident music selectors, guest DJs also often play their music.

As for the concerts, these are all DIY affairs, predominantly from the repertoire of the louder genres like hardcore, grindcore, HC punk, and so on. Yet, one can also hear jazz, rock and other gigs. Often, the bands come from abroad and stop here due to the ease of setting up a gig.

The exhibitions change every second Tuesday, with the artists usually presenting works of a smaller format (as Jalla itself is of a smaller format as well). Often, the exhibitors are still students, and though most of them are Slovenian, artists from abroad are also presented. To name just a few, one can mention Sanja Stepanovič (RS) presenting her comics, Joel Peltonen (FI) and Anthony Neitzke (ES) displaying their photography, the painter Gašper Gorjup, the illustrator Barbara Lenarčič and an exhibition of ZARŠ Records album covers.

There are also documentary screenings every Sunday and film screenings every second Tuesday.

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