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Contact info
Institut informacijskih znanosti (IZUM)
Prešernova 17, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 252 0331
Fax386 (0) 2 252 4334
Founded byGovernment of the Republic of Slovenia
Aleš Bošnjak, Director

The Institute of Information Sciences (IZUM) is a public, non-profit organisation founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 2002 as a continuation of the former University Institute of Information Sciences (1992). The institute provides information services for research, education, and culture and, in particular, library information services in the national bibliographic system. IZUM cooperates with similar organisations the world over, expanding its activities abroad in accordance with the guidelines of its founder.

The Government of Slovenia brought forward the proposal for the transformation of the Institute of Information Sciences into the Regional Centre for Library Information Systems and Current Research Information Systems (IZUM) as a UNESCO Category 2 centre with a view to facilitating and consolidating multicultural collaboration and the exchange of information. The status was approved by UNESCO in November 2011 and the agreement was signed by both parties in September 2012.

COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library and the COBISS.Net

IZUM is engaged primarily with the development, maintenance, and operation of the COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library system and services, which constitute the root of the library information system in Slovenia. COBISS was developed by the institute in 1991 and today provides access to data contributed by over 400 Slovenian libraries.

In 2003, an agreement was signed on the establishment of the COBISS.Net network and the free exchange of bibliographic records created within autonomous library information systems of several countries. To date, over 600 libraries from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia have become part of the network, while Bulgaria, Albania, and Kosovo are preparing for the implementation of the COBISS system.


IZUM and the Slovene Research Agency (ARRS) develop and maintain the SICRIS information system on research in Slovenia, which lists research projects currently underway, as well as research organisations, programmes, teams and individual researchers. SICRIS is integrated with the COBBIS system and its union bibliographic catalogue/database COBIB.SI, affording users access to the bibliographies of researchers. SICRIS is part of the ERGO (European Research Gateways Online) project, which provides information on R&D information in Europe. The institute also supports the development of similar information systems (E-CRIS) abroad.

Services and databases

On the basis of consortium agreements with foreign information services, IZUM provides its Slovene users free access to services and databases, such as Web of Science, ProQuest, and EIFL Direct – EBSCOhost. In collaboration with the University of Maribor, University of Nova Gorica, University of Primorska, Jožef Štefan Institute (IJS), University Medical Centre Maribor, and Educational Research Institute (ERI), IZUM develops and maintains a search platform which compiles the content of a number of online databases, enabling fast access to articles, library catalogues, electronic newspaper databases, electronic book services, etc.

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