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Inštitut za raziskovanje inovativnih umetnosti Iriu
Resljeva cesta 20, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 234 9728
Glorjana Veber
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Past Events

The Institute for innovative arts research IRIU formed out of Aggressive Theatre in 2007. The fundamental precept of their activity is bringing together society and art. To accomplish this, the institute often takes their socially committed art actions to the street. IRIU thus strives to reconcile inspiration, research, innovation, and art, with their projects encouraging and engendering experimentation and the development of new ideas. To this end, the institute runs the so-called open office, where anyone can send their suggestions for future projects.

In addition to the more than 700 studies and experimental-innovative projects that have been carried out by IRIU during this time, it also regulary organizes educational workshops, mentorships and trainings.


IRIU organises a number of cultural and literary events with artists both established and emerging and publishes various publications. Often the events integrate different fields of art and are infused with current social topics.

Among the more visible projects are 168 ur pokonci za kulturo ("Up for 168 Hours for Culture"), which saw an impressive response from a number of artists, and the foundation of the Miniminstry of art, in the framework of which tenders were launched to co-finance various art projects.

Literarne ustvarjalnice (The literary workshops) provide a practical opportunity to hone skills in creative writing and literary criticism under the guidance of acclaimed Slovene authors, and is also accompanied by a series of literary evenings.

Some of the other projects include: Eno kepico poezije, prosim ("A Scoop of Poetry, Please"), Spletno pero ("Online Pen"), Slovenija bere ("Slovenia Reads"), Kavarna poezije ("Café of Poetry"), and Obvestila poezije ("Poetry Tickets").

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