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Metelkova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Infoshop Metelkova provides a dynamic space for the research and development of the theory and practice of anarchism and related social movements. It was established in 2007, and is located in the Hlev ("Stable") building of Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Centre.

History and background

[A] Infoshop emerged from the infamous Ljubljana collectives A-mora and UZI (Urad za intervencije), with the first events taking place at various squats in Ljubljana, such as Cukrarna, Vila Mara, AC Molotov and Galicija.

Basic activities

It is open on Wednesdays and Fridays evenings as well as during events such as film evenings, vegan dinners, workshops, discussions, book clubs, concerts (Sam Stephens a.k.a. Sat Nav Sam, Vradiazei, and others). The heart of Ljubljana's (social) anarchist, anarcho-communist, anarcho-feminist and other radical left activism and movement welcomes new ideas and initiatives.

Members of [A] Infoshop publish Avtonomija Magazine as well as the monthly bulletin Okrožnica, which features information on hot issues, local activities, short articles from the world of social struggle, past endeavours of [A]Infoshop, and book reviews.

In addition, the collective offers assistance in finding current issues of anarchist publications. CDs with revolutionary songs, T-shirts, banners, stickers with subversive motifs, and fair trade products are occasionally also found there. [A] Infoshop even holds clothing swaps, and also welcomes other valued but no longer used items that can be put to good use.


[A] Infoshop also houses an ever-growing library of anarchist and related literature, magazines, newspapers, fanzines and other publications as well as an archive of material culture (posters, flags, stickers, etc.). The collective provides free internet access and a quiet reading space.

Autonomous (self-)organisation

[A] Infoshop affords space to organise a range of activities and to exchange ideas, such as local divisions of FAO (Federacija za anarhistično organiziranje) and AFI (Anarho-feministična iniciativa). It has collaborated with the International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns since its inception by providing space and organisational help.

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