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Contact info
Društvo Hugo Wolf
Glavni trg 40, SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec
Marko Košan, President

Established in 1993 in Slovenj Gradec (known as Windischgraz in German), the Hugo Wolf Association honours the memory of Hugo Wolf (1860–1903), an eminent composer of Romantic German Lieder who was born in this town of Lower Styria in 1860. The association is based at the Birthplace of Hugo Wolf, Slovenj Gradec, where in March 2012 a memorial museum and an international Hugo Wolf documentation centre were opened where the association now also has its seat in.

Wolf's Lieder

As Hugo Wolf is particularly noted for his Lieder, the association has published some translations of his art songs into Slovenian (from German and Italian), as well as some memoirs related to Hugo Wolf.

Regular activities of the Hugo Wolf Association include organising concerts. The evenings of Wolf's Lieder take place once a year under the title "Wolf's Connection". An international solo singing school is organised annually; it is led by Prof. Breda Zakotnik, Salzburg Muzarteum who is an honorary member of the association.

International cooperation

The Hugo Wolf Association has organised several international symposia. In 2003, at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Wolf's death in Vienna, the association organised many events, concerts and exhibitions in Slovenj Gradec, and participated in several projects in other cities, including Linz, Fribourg, Freising, Ottawa, and Graz. The association also collaborates with the International Association of Hugo Wolf Societies (Internationale Hugo Wolf-Gesellschaft Wien) in Vienna.

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