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Established in 1999 by a group of then teenagers, Dreamwalk is a slightly uncharacteristic band for these parts. Not only in that they have managed a relatively impressive international success right from the start, their mix of "skatepunk" or pop punk, neo grunge, emocore, and alternative rock is also rarely played around here nowadays. Their fashionably produced and written songs, along with quality lyrics and catchy melodies, mark the band as one of the more internationally minded amongst the young Slovene rock musicians.


Dreamwalk's current line-up consists of Jeremi Slak on vocals, Tamir Gostiša and Jaro Jelovac on guitars, Tomaž Vidmar on bass guitar, and Jaka Skočir on drums. The latter has also been a member of Leaf-Fat, a punk-rock band that used to be quite popular and is currently not active.

Discography, gigs & awards

In 2000, the band signed with Multimedia records, a licensee for Universal Music Group, and thus managed to procure a release of their début album on a major label. With the album, titled Far Away From L.A. (2001), came a number of very popular music videos and also a nomination for the Bumerang [boomerang] award.

While their first album also featured some songs in Slovenian language, their second record Three Days Later (2004) was wholly sung in English. It was self-released by the band and was then followed by a short tour around Europe and also an appearance on the cult radio show Izštekani [Unplugged] on radio station VAL 202. After that, even though the band went into a hiatus, their album still circulated on the Internet and actually got rather big on the website Download.com, achieving around 200,000 downloads.

In 2012, the album drew the attention of the Brain Fuse Records label, which later released one of their songs on its benefit compilation and re-released the record Three Days Later on iTunes and Amazon.com. Cooperating with this same label, Dreamwalk are also preparing and will soon release their next album.

In 2014, the band's independently produced video for the single "Next Big Thing" won a gold MTV Video Play Award, having been aired on the regional MTV Adria channel over 200 times throughout the course of the year.

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