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This young collective of DJs and visual artists formed in 2010 when three of the fundamental members were inspired after attending the electronic music festival Hartera in Rijeka. Their first public appearance under the name Don't Make New People was in Klub K4 in autumn the same year. K4 has since become the primary venue for DMNP events. The collective is about eclecticism in electronic music, merging with post-dubstep, future garage, techno to house, electro and bass. Their shows have rapidly become synonymous for crazy parties that are consistently supported with funky visuals, specially made decorations, and neatly designed flyers.


The collective has expanded since its inception and it now consists of seven DJs: Felis Catus, Lux, žakpižon, Minusplusforward, Moe Lester, Softskinson, and Loutseau, with the last two even producing their own music. The crew has one additional member for various design concepts (Vladimir & vladimir), although all the members play a role in the creative processes and the final conceptualisation of the group's image. Sometimes they get additional creative support from local VJ artists such as Mina Fina.


The members of the DMNP have performed in various clubs across Slovenia, they have also performed in Zagreb, Belgrade, and even Iceland. Lately they have extended their necessity for exploring hard electronic tunes by inviting foreign producers, so far they've hosted XXXY and C.R.S.T. to perform as main acts during DMNP events.

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