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The Dominican Monastery at Ptuj, established in the 13th century by the Dominican Order, is now a congress and cultural centre. Its award-winning renovation by Enota Architects was completed in 2014. The former Dominican Monastery at Ptuj has more than 2,000 sq. metres on the ground floor and as many in the upper floor and in the basement. The renovated parts are open to visitors.


In 1230, after obtaining the approval of the Archbishop of Salzburg the widow of Friedrich III of Ptuj, Mehtildis, donated land on the western edge of Ptuj to the Dominican Order. The first construction period got underway following the arrival of monks from Friesach (Carinthia), who built a two-storey monastery with cloisters in the south and more prominent east wings. However, in 1302 the monastery burnt down and its renovation lasted until the mid-14th century. During this period the west part of the cloister was built and its east wall painted. Reconstruction and renovation works went on into the 15th and 16th centuries. During the 17th century various Baroque modifications were made, and in the early-18th century the east part of the church façade, facing the town, was covered with rich stucco work and adorned with statues. The monastery refectory was equally influenced with Baroque elements, and its vault was covered with stucco works and paintings.

The principal activities of the Dominicans in Ptuj were preaching, pastoral care, economic operations and education. They also had a rich library and archive. The monks inhabited the monastery until 1785 when it was dissolved under the reforms of Joseph II. Later, it was occupied by soldiers and craftsmen. The complex was assigned to various purposes until the 1920s, when the museum society gradually moved in. In 1926 the monastery was bought by the municipality and renovated for use as a municipal museum and also for housing purposes (till 2011). The renovation works discovered, both historically and artistically, the most interesting parts of the monastery.

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