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Contact info
Divja misel, Inštitut za neprofitno komunikacijo
Jamova cesta 54, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 426 8484
Tina Popovič, Director
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Past Events

Divja misel Institute was established in 2006 in order to conceive and organise projects that foster social engagement in the areas of culture, environmental protection, and education. In addition to launching its own projects, the institute also offers assistance and communication tools, skills, and experience to various organisers of non-profit projects which strive to improve the current state of affairs in society in modern and inspiring ways. The institute's name translates to "wild thought" or "wild mind" and speaks to the organisation's intention to cultivate fresh ideas for new projects. In 2015 the Institute took over the management of the Vodnik Homestead.


Divja misel Institute's most recognisable endeavour is Library under the Treetops (formerly organised by CodeEp), which comprises several open air reading corners or libraries in Ljubljana. Every weekend in the summer (excluding, of course, rainy days) the outdoor libraries welcome readers to take up books, newspapers, and magazines, both in Slovenian and other languages. Reading in the cool summer shade is accompanied by recitals given by up-and-coming authors and even music performances. In organising Library under the Treetops, the institute cooperates with the Research Centre of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts and its Azil Bookshop. The reading material is donated by Slovene publishing house, embassies, and foreign cultural representative offices.

My Streets was a project that was dedicated to collecting stories and tales about the city of Ljubljana. The various accounts were given by intriguing individuals encompassing all generations were recorded and then delivered through various means: edited stories were available online, they were narrated live in the Botanic Gardens in Ljubljana and at the Trubar Literature House among other places, and were are also aired on Radio Študent. Project cease with activity in 2016.

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