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Contact info
Disdrug This Fuck
Anže Krajnik
Phone386 (0) 31 857 149
Matija Žumer
Phone386 (0) 31 668 455

Disdrug This Fuck are an alternative rock band from Železniki in Slovenia's Gorenjska region. They have been playing together since 2000. They had been performing at many underground clubs and festivals throughout Slovenia before they were invited to play at Club Marathon in 2003.

Video for "Se ne spovem" from Disdrug This Fuck's performance in 2010 on the Afterparty radio show, a popular broadcast of Radio Študent (RŠ).


Disdrug This Fuck are the oldest band rising from the small town of Železniki which boasts a proud tradition of hardcore and punk bands. They've been together since 2000 when they started coining songs together and playing small clubs and D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) venues. Everything they do is characterised by their strong allegiance to the underground lifestyle and attitudes. Band members have also been involved in maintaining the lively local music scene which helps ensure that other bands have opportunities to play as well. They have also toured in Switzerland.

In 2003, Disdrug This Fuck entered the Club Marathon competition and were picked to join the roster of bands touring Slovene clubs. After this experience the band mostly quieted down, but they persistently gathered almost every Thursday night to play together. In 2012, they announced on their website that they were working on some new songs and had also started playing concerts and festivals, such as the under-the-radar Krawal Festival in Železniki. In April 2013, Disdrug This Fuck announced they were starting to get ready to record their first album. In the meantime, they still play mostly smaller gigs in Slovenia and try to break the prejudices of small-town mentalities with their music and personal conduct.

Band members

Disdrug This Fuck are a constant music cast consisting of: Matija "Tojzl" Žumer, Andrej "Čeča" Podlipnik, Anže "Skrajnik" Krajnik, Aleš "Shembrek" Žumer.

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