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Didakta založništvo in izobraževanje d.o.o. Radovljica
Želežniška cesta 5, 4248 Lesce
Phone386 (0) 4 532 0200
Fax386 (0) 4 532 0211
Rudi Zaman, Director
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Didakta Publishing House was established in 1989 and up to 2007 it had published more than 700 titles. The Didakta programme consists primarily of books for children and children's encyclopaedias, but also includes popular handbooks for parents and adolescents as well as travel books and selected literary translations. Didakta Publishing House also issues photo-illustrated monographs on Slovene artists, travellers and other eminent Slovenes. Since 1991 it has also been publishing the magazine Didakta, dedicated to current issues in didactics and pedagogics, theory as well as school praxis.


Didakta is one of few publishing houses which has published several gift photomonographies by world renowned adventurers, travellers and photographers such as the Voyage into the illusory mirror (Arne Hodalič), A Journey into the Silent Worlds (Borut Furlan), Around the only World (Matevž Lenarčič) ...

They publish two magazines, Didakta magazine has been bringing theoretical and practical novelties concerning upbringing of children and education, mainly for primary school. Svet in ljudje ("People and world") is the first Slovenian travel magazine, covering the best travel journals from Slovenia and all the rest of the world. The speciality of the magazine are great travel photos and the selection of slovenian authors.

Didakta's distribution network in Slovenia is organised in all bookshops, libraries, schools, kindergartens, shopping centres and baby shops.

Didakta also organizes different seminars and events. The biggest seminar is Republic meeting of Elementary school principles, that holds place since 1989.

Didakta is also importer/exporter and the distributor of educational supplies and educational aids.

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