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Contact info
Teater Gromki
Klub Gromka, Kulturno-umetniško društvo Mreža (KUD Mreža), Masarykova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 434 0345
Fax386 (0) 1 432 3378
Renata Vidic, Head
Andrej Morovič

Gromki Theatre has been active since early 1995 and was registered as a private company six months later by Andrej Morovič. It then worked for a period of time in Dubrovnik, Croatia, before returning to Ljubljana. Gromki Theatre is a witty, innovative company which unites professional people from different fields of the performing arts in a flexible way. Its diverse productions are closest to improvised or street theatre, and can be roughly divided into three sections: low-budget theatre and dance performances; pyrotechnical spectacles; and 'express spectacles'. All are tailored to the actual client, and to the space and time of an improvised performance. To date Gromki Theatre has fed brain food to 187 audiences, 18 times abroad. In addition to staging original productions, it is also engaged in organising cultural events and festivals. Gromki's premises (an 80-seat hall, an equipment store and a workshop) are at Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone in the Hangar building, from the year 2001 on known as Klub Gromka.

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