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dLib.si - Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije
Turjaška 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 586 1369
Fax386 (0) 1 425 7293
Managed byNational and University Library (NUK)
Janko Klasinc, Head of Digital Resources Department
Phone386 (0) 200 1211

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The Digital Library of Slovenia (dLib.si) is a web portal developed by the National and University Library (NUK) in cooperation with several cultural, educational and research institutions, including numerous libraries throughout Slovenia.

dLib.si provides free access to digitised knowledge and cultural treasures – journals, books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, posters, music, and reference material. Many of the digitised items – some published in the 16th century – have been made possible in the framework of the project Europeana Travel funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme.

The Digital Library of Slovenia is linked up with comparable European projects, and is actively involved in building the Europeana, the European digital library and the TEL project (The European Library).


The dLib.si portal became publicly available in 2005. It offers digitised books, periodicals, photos, posters, postcards, manuscripts, maps, etc. The portal includes also the digitised music recordings and old musical documents that are of importance to Slovene cultural heritage.

If a book was published before 1945, and is not available on the dLib.si portal, you can order its digital copy by using international service E-knjige po naročilu/ EOD (e-books on demand).


The National and University Library (NUK) occasionally offers free lessons on how to use the dLib.si portal as well as travels to schools, libraries and other organisations across Slovenia to make presentations about how to use it. As a National Aggregator for Cultural e-Content, National and University Library (NUK) organises also workshops in collaboration with the colleagues from Europeana.


The beginnings of digitization at National and University Library (NUK) date back to 1996. From 1996 to 2003, the Library carried out several digitisation projects (the Portrait Collection of Famous Slovenians, the Kopitar's Collection of Slavic Medieval Codices, Retrospective Conversion of Catalogues for the period 1774 - 1947, etc.). They were available on separate web portals.

In 2003, the concept of digital libraries was defined on the basis of modern library and information science, and the most important factors to influence the future development of the European academic libraries were defined. The development of the efficient digital library was featured among the priorities of National and University Library (NUK) Strategic Plan (2004-2008). Based on these principles, the dLib.si portal was established and presented to the public in November 2005.

The period was marked by active participation in shaping of The European Library and the Europeana, and by cooperation in the creation of the Ljubljana University Digital Library. Digital Library of Slovenia (dLib.si) also participated in several research and development projects in the field of digital preservation and the development of digital libraries. The most important project "The Digital Library of Slovenia - dLib.si” was adopted in 2007. It was financed by the Norwegian financial mechanisms. Due to several improvements and new functionalities that were implemented, Digital Library of Slovenia (dLib.si) earned the bronze medal NETKO in 2007

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