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Contact info
dB Recordings
Grajska cesta 41, SI-4260 Bled
Phone386 (0) 40 559 670
Dali Sterniša, Producer

Located in Bled in the Gorenjska region, dB Recordings offers sound recording, mixing, engineering, studio rental, live show recordings, and mastering services.

The studio, headed by the producer and musician Dali Sterniša, is primarily specialised in working on metal music. Some of the Slovene metal bands who have had their music recorded and produced at dB Recordings are Noctiferia, Sabaium, Indigo Child, Fetisha, and Brutart. The studio is also recognised outside the borders of Slovenia and besides the well-known band Ashes You Leave from Croatia, metal musicians from Russia, Italy, Austria, and Israel have also sought its services.

Of the remaining strands of musical orientation, Siddharta (who are the most commercially successful rock band in Slovenia), Lara Baruca, Unameit, Ksiht, Backstage and some other bands have also recorded their music with the help of dB Recordings.

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