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Events in Serbia in 2016

    • 30 November 2016
      A presentation of DIVA Station by Luka Polutnik (SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts) at a round table discussion in the framework of the international project Archive as Practice at Remont Independent Art Association in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 27 November 2016
      A MENTprizent tour of Koala Voice, Čao Portorož and Blaž at Feedback in Niš, Serbia
    • 24 November 2016
      A MENTprizent tour of Koala Voice, Čao Portorož and Blaž at Elektropionir in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 22 November to 25 November 2016
      Days of Slovenian Film in Belgrade, a series of events including round table discussions, an exhibition, a translation workshop, a concert and a number of film screenings with guests Blaž Završnik, Peter Brac, Boris Petković, Dušan Moravec, Bojan Labovič and others, at Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 17 November to 19 November 2016
      Mephisto, co-produced by Maska Institute and Mini Theatre, and Our Violence and Your Violence, produced by Mladinsko Theatre, at the Desiré Central Station at Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, National Theatre Subotica in Subotica, Serbia
    • 11 November 2016
      A concert by the Daniel Nösig/Jure Pukl Quintet at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival at Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 23 October to 30 October 2016
      Writer Jani Virk and poet Marko Kravos presentation at the International Belgrade Book Fair at Belgrade Fair in Belgrade, Serbia
      programme organiser
    • 29 September to 30 September 2016
      Duck, Death and the Tulip, produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, and Goldilocks, produced by Mini Theatre, at the 23rd International Children’s Theatre Festival Subotica at Dezső Kosztolányi Theatre, Subotica Children's Theatre in Subotica, Serbia
    • 20 September to 1 October 2016
      Simple, Fun and Dangerous, an exhibition featuring works by Mladen Stropnik and Small But Dangers (Mateja Rojc and Simon Hudolin) from the collection of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, at Center for Graphic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 30 July to 2 August 2016
      A tour of Serbia by the Štefan Kovač Marko Banda at Student Cultural Centre Kragujevac, Youth Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Čačak, Kragujevac, Serbia
    • 9 July to 10 July 2016
      Concerts by Koala Voice and Gramatik at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 2 July 2016
      Ave Chamber Choir at the International Choir Festival Niš at Niš Fortress in Niš, Serbia
    • 26 June 2016
      Hedda Gabler, produced by the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, at the 43rd Infant International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre at Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 25 June 2016
      A concert by Siddharta at Arsenal Fest at Knežev arsenal in Kragujevac, Serbia
    • 15 June 2016
      Become a Street Lamp (Srečko Kosovel), produced by the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, at the 24th Theatre Marathon at National Theatre Sombor in Sombor, Serbia
    • 13 June 2016
      Become a Street Lamp (Srečko Kosovel), produced by the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, at Atelje 212 in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 26 May 2016
      Svetlana Makarovič's Dead Man Comes for His Sweetheart, produced by the Prešeren Theatre Kranj and Ptuj City Theatre, at Sombor National Theatre in Sombor, Serbia
    • 18 May 2016
      A concert by Raggalution at Društevni centar in Novi Sad, Serbia
    • 19 March 2016
      A Piece of Plastic, produced by the Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), at Bitef Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 8 March to 20 April 2016
      Zabranjeno plakatirati: Priča o Buldožeru, an exhibition about the rock band Buldožer, organised by Photon Gallery, and a talk also featuring curator Miha Colner at the opening event at Belgrade Youth Centre in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 4 March to 2 May 2016
      Marij Pregelj: The Document of Truth, an exhibition of works by painter Marij Pregelj, at Legat Gallery – Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 27 February to 2 March 2016
      Screenings of Šiška Deluxe, directed by Jan Cvitkovič (Perfo Production), Idyll, directed by Tomaž Gorkič (Blade Production), and Julia and Alfa Romeo, directed by Blaž Završnik (Perfo Production, Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)), at the 44th FEST International Film Festival at Belgrade Youth Centre, Cineplexx, Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Serbia
    • 10 January 2016
      A concert by the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Naissus featuring soprano Dunja Tinauer at Army Centre in Niš, Serbia
    • 29 December 2015 to 29 May 2016
      Design for a New World, an exhibition of graphic design featuring Romeo + Julija by Matjaž Vipotnik (Museum of Architecture and Design), at Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, Serbia
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