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Contact info
Kulturni center Maribor
Ljubljanska ulica 4, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 59 025577
Branko Hedl, Director
Dušan Hedl, Founder, Music management
Phone386 (0) 41 832736
Peter Dobaj, Coordinator
Online accounts:
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A non-governmental cultural institution founded by Dušan Hedl in 1999, Cultural Centre Maribor (former Subkulturni azil Maribor) is involved in both literary and music publishing. It manages the music recording studio Studio at the Border and releases music on its legendary label Front Rock, later on also on Akord Records, Monofonika and Classica Slovenica.

To date its activities include cultural management, artistic production and reproduction, research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities, distribution and promotion of (sub)cultural goods, the conception and implementation of international cultural projects.

Frontier book edition

The Cultural Centre Maribor publishes the Frontier book edition, which to date offers 75 titles in the field of humanities and social sciences (popular culture, media theory, sociology of culture, arts-rock culture, comics, the music industry) and literature (poetry and prose).

The aim of the Frontier collection is to cover marginal topics and encourage research into often overlooked social phenomena.

Front Rock

At the end of the 80s Dušan Hedl established the Front Rock record label. In 1999 Front Rock was integrated into music publishing programme of the non-governmental cultural organization 'Subkulturni azil', later Kulturni center Maribor. Up to 2004 the Front Rock record label has released over 50 recordings by punk and rock bands or compilations.

The Front Rock concept insists on (dis)covering new ground. It has offered the "first record" possibility to numerous local and international independent rock groups. Akord Records label basically continues the Front Rock concept - the programme features primarily the ground-breaking first recordings of talented and skilful musicians.

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