Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia Reykjavίk


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Contact info
Consulate of Slovenia in Reykjavίk
Akraseli 9, 109 Reykjavík
Phone354 581 2388
Fax354 581 2313
Managed byEmbassy of Slovenia in Denmark
Sigtryggur Rósmar Eyţórsson, Honorary Consul

The Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia Reykjavίk was established in 2001 and operates in the Republic of Iceland with an honorary consul. The consulate operates under the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Copenhagen and represents an official representative body in representing Republic of Slovenia and its economic, cultural, and scientific relations in the Republic of Iceland. The diplomatic relations with Iceland were established in 1992. According to official counts, around 20 Slovene citizens are registered in Iceland.

Cultural cooperation

The country in the far north attracted many artists, also from Slovenia. Its inspiration is, among others, also seen in Ištvan Huzjan's art work.

In 2012 the embassy supported a performance of violoncellist Nika Brnič together with the quartet Inegal at Langholtskirkja Church in Reykjavίk, which is famous for its classical and contemporary music concerts, also by Björk, Iceland's most well-known vocalist.

Since 2004 the ties between Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein were strengthened also by the EEA and Norway Grants. The three countries launched the EEA and Norway Grants, a mechanism to provide funding for social and economic development in 15 countries in Central and Southern Europe in order to reduce disparities between regions and states within EU.

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