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Jelena Pirkmajer
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Launched in 1991, this minimalist fashion line designed by Jelena Pirkmajer has a showroom in Ljubljana Old Town and is presented and available at Flying Solo Fashion Store, New York. It has been successfully presenting its fashion collections and trends abroad (USA, Canada, Japan, France, etc.).


Fashion designer Jelena Pirkmajer launched Cliché in 1991 and opened the first concept boutique in Ljubljana in 1993, offering not only fashion and art pieces but also accessories and creative design ideas. The designer was born in Ljubljana and studied in Ljubljana and London. Pirkmajer regularly exhibits her collections and has established enviable reputation through fashion showing in Milan, Paris, New York, and Tokyo fashion weeks.


Cliché trademark is characterized by collections that are marked by functionality, elegance, comfort and innovation as well as by visionary and futuristic inspiration. The brand incorporates a distinct sense of style and is intended for the trendsetting, fashion-savvy individual with a high FQ (Fashion Intelligence Quotient). The products are made in Slovenia and the EU. The fashion label aims to cultivate a consciousness about the virtues and impacts of our fashion preferences and decisions. Apart from its virtues in the quality, design and combinability of its clothes, Cliché trademark also aims to cherish and educate about socially and environmentally conscious fashion choices.

Among Cliché's best-selling pieces of women's clothing are trousers, coats, bombers, skirts and gowns. The fashion is dedicated it to active and open-minded women who are well-informed, and in 2018, Pirkmajer also presented her first fashion collection for men.

Cliché's collection was presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana (MBFWLJ) and is regularly presented at New York Fashion Week.

The winter 2018 collection Vanilly Sky was the winner of Big SEE Fashion Design Award 2019.

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