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Cinemania was established in 2002 as a film distributor covering the territories of the former Yugoslavia. Then in 2004, following the establishment of Cinears in Belgrade, Cinemania was amalgamated with Creativa, which had been established in the early 1990s and had made a name for itself as a successful independent film distributor in the Slovene market. Fused together under Cinears, Cinemania and Creativa became the Cinemania Group. The company subsequently bought part of the German company EEAP, which enabled the it to acquire distribution rights for Eastern European films. It has also acquired shares in the cable TV station Net TV.

The Cinemania Group now works in collaboration with Cinears and Discovery Film from Zagreb, Croatia, distributing more than 40 film titles annually, mostly productions by independent film producers and Canal+. It engages in cinema, DVD and TV film distribution in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. Other activities of the Cinemania Group include DVD authoring (preparation and production of DVD media), website design and production, event management (film premieres, concerts, panel discussions, music festivals, beauty contests, etc), promotion and marketing, audio-visual project consulting and production.

Creativa and S Studio from the same group are partner distributors of European films through the Europa Cinemas network.

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