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Celje FOKUS festival avtorske fotografije
Mariborska cesta 2, SI-3000 Celje
Organised byZavod FOKUS, zavod za umetnost, izobraževanje in zaposlovanje mladih
Festival dates13.7.2015 - 18.7.2015
1.7.2016 - 9.7.2016
4.7.2017 - 8.7.2017
28.6.2018 - 30.6.2018
28.6.2019 - 30.6.2019
3.7.2020 - 4.7.2020
Matej Gorjup, Celje FOKUS Director
Phone386 (0) 31 332 359
Online accounts:
facebook  youtube  

Celje FOKUS Festival – a festival of authorial photography – was first held in 2015 and is currently one of the few or even the only one of its kind in Slovenia. It has grown out of an annual workshop called Celje FOKUS, held in Celje since 2008. Aimed mostly at amateur photographers, the 6-day workshops have given them not only a set of technical know-how but also introduced them to some of the relevant questions arising from the subject of contemporary photography. For this, outside guests have sometimes also been invited.

While the workshop still remains and has become the central part of the festival, it is now accompanied by a programme that also features a number of photography exhibitions, movie screenings and round table discussions. The 2015 exhibitions featured the photographers Donald Weber, Tadej Vaukman, Jaka Gasar, Tomaž Černej and also a presentation of anonymous, lost and found photo images. The topics of discussions touched upon the questions of documentary photography, the analogue/digital divide, the production of photobooks and so on.

The festival takes place all over the city, with the workshop being partly focused on the urban landscape of Celje from the start. The venues where the rest of the festival is held are the Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery, Celje Museum of Recent History, Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje Youth Centre, the Art kino Metropol Celje, and the Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio.

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