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Culture from Slovenia World Map

Culture from Slovenia Worldwide poster.jpg

We collect information about upcoming cultural events and activities abroad, involving Slovene artists and researchers. Since 2010 we have published news about nearly 5400 events in 90 countries.

A growing archive of events is a unique source of information on international activity in the field of arts and culture. Our archive of events can be filtered by year, country, and discipline.

Eventually, in 2014 the Ljudmila IT team has developed an online map of events. By clicking on the map, a list of events in a certain city pops up, with basic data about the event including date and venue plus a link to the host's web page.

The printed poster (68 x 98cm, designed by Ivian Kan Mujezinović, Grupa Ee) is available from Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory upon request. The poster was among the 210 selected entries that were shown at the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications in autumn 2015 at the National Gallery of Slovenia. (website).png

Created and managed by the Slovenian Tourist Board, the portal is the official online travel guide to Slovenia as well as a business-related starting point. The tourism-related pages bring general information on the country (about Slovenia, getting to Slovenia, regions and towns, countryside ...) and practical information (accommodation, health resorts, gambling, congresses, wellness, active holidays, natural and cultural heritage, theme trails, food and wine ...).

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