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Not only is there a remarkable amount of contemporary dance production in Slovenia – especially considering the country's size – many people also participate in traditional folk dancing. Along with producing dance performances and participating in dance, Slovene cultural organisers present a wide range of dance genres, practices and poetics in annual and biennial festivals. Interestingly, of the 13 festivals listed below, 8 were founded since the year 2003. Of those 8, 7 are contemporary dance festivals, showing that cultural organisations are keen to present the latest works and trends in the field from outside Slovenia as well as seeking contexts for the presentation of Slovene contemporary dance. While still small, these newer festivals often focus more on experimentation, which can be found not only in the performances themselves, but also in an experimentation of the festival presentation format.

The list below represents the dance festivals in Slovenia that focus on contemporary dance as well as those that focus on folkloric dance. If you are an international producer or a dance group wishing to perform in Slovenia or looking for a dance festival platform in Slovenia, click on any of the links below to find out more information about each festival and the organiser's contacts. You might also consult the list of multidisciplinary and regional festivals.

Another source of information is the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia and its activities through the Contemporary Dance Network.

And for a visual overview of festivals taking place in Slovenia, be sure to have a look at our infographics of all of the Slovene festivals taking place in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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