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Mešani komorni zbor Carinthia Cantat
Glavni trg 28a, SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec
Managed byKulturno društvo CARINTHIA CANTAT
Rok Kamnik, President
Phone386 (0) 41 351 135
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The award-winning mixed chamber choir Carinthia Cantat was established in 1996 by its conductor Tone Gašper in Slovenj Gradec. The choir, which today consists of 20 singers, gives performances at venues all around Slovenia. It represents an important part of the Slovenj Gradec musical culture because of its special focus on the music of composer Hugo Wolf, born in this region in 1860, and on folk music from the Carinthian region (Koroška).


Under the leadership of its founder-conductor Tone Gašper, the choir has been actively performing and recording their repertoire under the additional mentorship of Tomaž Tozon and Danica Žvar. With the third place award at the Naša pesem Choir Competition in 1999 in Maribor, the choir first stepped into the world of Slovene choristic culture. Carinthia Cantat was also the first choir from Slovenj Gradec to have been selected for this competition. In 2001 and 2003 the choir received 2 consecutive second place prizes at this competition.


The choir's repertoire consists of music from different time periods and genres by Slovene and international composers. The choir performs a varied repertoire, including pop songs, Slovene folk music, gospel and spiritual music from different countries as well as classical music. The classical repertoire consists of choir music by Renaissance composers, such as J. Gallus and O. di Lasso; classical period composers (W. A. Mozart); and romantic period composers (A. Bruckner and F. Schubert) as well as works by Slovene composers.

To celebrate the choir's 5th anniversary, they recorded their first CD, presenting works by Hugo Wolf and folk songs of the Koroška region. For the 10th anniversary another CD was recorded, consisting mostly of works by Slovene classical and contemporary composers as well as Slovene folk songs. Selections from both CDs can be heard on the choir's website. In October 2011, the choir celebrated its 15th anniversary with the release of its third CD and a concert in Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts.

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