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COBISS, virtualna knjižnica Slovenije
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Published byInstitute of Information Sciences (IZUM)
Institute of Information Sciences (IZUM)
Prešernova 17, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 252 0331
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The Co-operative Online Bibliographic Information System and Services COBISS.SI features a number of information databases. The system and services were developed by the Institute of Information Sciences (IZUM) in 1991. COBISS.SI is part of a much larger regional network of national library information systems, joining Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia. System implementation is also underway in a number of other countries.

Virtual Library of Slovenia COBISS/OPAC

Via the network application COBISS/OPAC, users can access COBIB.SI, a bibliographic catalogue database which covers the holdings of over 400 Slovene libraries, as well as local databases. Other databases include: COLIB.SI, which encompasses information on the libraries included in the system; CONOR.SI, a database of personal and corporate names; SCG, a general list of subject headings; CORES.SI, which holds information on serial publications and editors; and the database on links to online publications featured in COBIB.SI, ELINKS.SI. In addition, users can make of other resources, for instance, SweetScan, an electronic database containing tables of contents of scientific and professional journals.

Other Applications on COBISS.SI

The COBISS.SI system also includes specialised online applications, tools, and databases, holding information on researchers, research organisations, and projects, bibliographies of researchers, bibliographies of contributions in serial publications, and library remuneration. By way of a web application, users can search through the most commonly borrowed books, publications, and non-book material by monthly breakdown.

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