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Contact info
Svet za radiodifuzijo (SRDF)
Stegne 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 583 6302
Fax386 (0) 1 511 1101
Aleš Lipičnik, President
Online accounts:

The Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Slovenia (Svet za radiodifuzijo-SRDF) is an independent expert body responsible for broadcasting regulation. It consists of seven members appointed by the National Assembly on the basis of public invitation.

Legal basis

The Broadcasting Council acts according to the Mass Media Act, adopted in 2001. Among other tasks, it provides the Post and Electronic Communications Agency with initiatives for the conduct of expert supervision of the implementation of programming requirements and restrictions, and with binding proposals and approvals for the issue and revocation of licenses for performing radio and television activities and decisions on the assignment or revocation of the status of a local, regional, or student radio or television station.


The Broadcasting Council assesses the situation in the area of radio and television stations and proposes to the responsible minister detailed criteria for defining local and regional programming, the procedure and conditions for acquiring the status of special stations, and criteria for in-house production and other programming on radio and television stations. It also proposes a development strategy for radio and television stations in the Republic of Slovenia and draws up an annual report or assessment of the situation for the National Assembly, focusing on broadcasting and proposals for improving the current situation.

Technical, expert, financial, and administrative support for the operation of the Broadcasting Council are provided by the Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

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