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Borec, revija za zgodovino, antropologijo in književnosti
Einspielerjeva 6, SI-1101 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 434 4935
Published bySophia Publishing House
Tanja Velagić, Editor
Phone386 (0) 1 434 4936

The first issue of Borec ("Warrior") appeared in 1949 after being founded by the Union of Associations of World War II veterans, antifascist fighters and members of the National Liberation Struggle (NLS) of Slovenia in December 1948. It was published by Borec publishing house and later on by Mladika Publishing House. From 1993 to 2013, the journal was published by the Association for the Research of History, Anthropology and Literature, afterwards the Sophia Publishing House took over its publication. The journal is published on a quarterly basis.

Borec features articles and studies in the fields of contemporary history, anthropology and literature as well as historical material. The period of World War II forms the core interest of the journal with in-depth analyses of social reality as seen through the interpretive lens of historical memory.

The magazine is also available as an e-book in PDF format for individual articles or full issues, which can be ordered by email. Older volumes are available as a full PDF free of charge.


Borec is a humanistic magazine that focuses on the history and current day of anti-fascism and liberation movements. By emphasising their international involvement, it, therefore, does not agree with nationalist and ethnicist paradigms in historiography. It develops the concept of rebellion as a class struggle and social transformation. It relies on historical materialism, world-systemic research approaches that break down internal, systemic links between fascism, colonialism, racism, chauvinism, anti-feminism, etc., which are not all part of the dominance of capitalism.

From its beginnings, awareness and education remain the cornerstone of the magazine. It publishes documentary testimonials, historical and socio-economic analyses of the aforementioned topics, appeals and initiatives, in-depth interviews, historical and contemporary works by socially-committed artists, focuses on the processes of exploitation, subjugation and appropriation (the globalisation of poverty, the effects of IMF reforms and the World Bank, the financialisation of public institutions, the privatisation of the social and the collective – the destruction of public health and education).


In 1993, the Association for the Research of History, Anthropology and Literature replaced Mladika Publishing House as publisher and reconceived Borec as an interdisciplinary journal addressing contemporary social quandaries. The evolution from a veterans' gazette to a literary and scientific journal is rooted in the respect for its tradition of antifascist resistance in terms of class struggle and social transformation. Today Borec is published by the Sophia Publishing House. The magazine has gradually evolved from a fighter newsletter into a professional, humanistic, interdisciplinary and broader socially critical publication based on international and intergenerational collaboration.

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