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Biblos, spletna eKnjižnica in eKnjigarna
Beletrina, Kersnikova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 01 200 3700
Published byBeletrina Publishing Institute
Matic Razpet
Online accounts:
youtube  facebook (website).png is the first Slovene eLibrary and eBookshop where users can borrow or purchase e-books. Established in 2013 and run by Beletrina Publishing Institute, Biblos collaborates with both various Slovene publishing houses and the better part of the Slovene library network.

The Biblos lending system works in such a way that the member libraries first purchase the e-books and then – through Biblos – users can borrow the e-books for a period of two weeks usin their existing library cards. They can read the e-books on home computers, various e-readers, and Android/iOS portable devices.

Biblos covers the better part of the Slovenian e-book publishers, from the big ones like Družina Publishing House (religious literature), Sanje ('Dreams') Publishing House, Cankarjeva Publishing House and Beletrina Publishing Institute to occasional samizdat enterprises of various authors.

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