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Contact info
Galerija Avgusta Černigoja, Lipica
Lipica 5, SI-6210 Sežana
Phone386 (0) 5 739 1740
Fax386 (0) 5 739 1730
Managed byLipica Stud Farm
 Goriška Museum

Past Events
  • 9 May to 26 July 2015
    Bauhaus – Networking Ideas and Practice (BAUNET), an exhibition also also featuring the works of August Černigoj from the collections of the Avgust Černigoj Gallery, Lipica and the Slovenian Theatre Institute at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia

Avgust Cernigoj Gallery 2011 Permanent exhibition Photo Lipica Stud Farm Archive.jpg

Avgust Černigoj Gallery comprises a collection of around 1400 works of Avgust Černigoj (1898–1985), a key figure of Constructivism and the Slovene historic avant-garde artistic scene.

The Gallery is part of the Lipica Stud Farm (the cradle of the Lipizzaner horse) in the village Lipica, where Černigoj spent the last five years of his life. The permanent exhibition installation of around 400 works was set up by Novi kolektivizem (NK). The gallery is run by Goriška Museum.

Avgust Černigoj

Born in Trst/Trieste (1898), Avgust Černigoj graduated in Bologna, Italy, and then went to Germany to study at Munich Academy. Soon he discovered the new experimental art school Bauhaus. The short but intensive Weimar period had a profound influence on Černigoj's artistic development and gave an indelible and recognisable character to his personality, as well as to most of his works. He became enthusiastic about Abstraction, represented in those times by Kandinsky and Klee at the Bauhaus, and above all about Constructivism. Černigoj remained more or less faithful to Constructivist principles for his entire life. He introduced an important novelty: collage, through which he created not only new artistic values but also changed the way of understanding artistic work.

During his life he participated in numerous exhibitions, both at home and abroad. Although bitterly rejected at the beginning and not widely understood, Černigoj later won some awards for his work, among them the Prešeren Award for lifetime achievement.

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