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Društvo baletnih umetnikov Slovenije
Župančičeva 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 5 936 6161
Tomaž Rode, President
Phone386 (0) 40 465 160
Matjaž Marin, Vice President
Phone386 (0) 31 251 189
Ana Trojnar, Secretary
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The Association of Ballet Artists of Slovenia is a professional organisation with a current membership of over 280 ballet artists. The association acts as a representative of the interests of ballet practitioners, informs its members of important events, issues the bulletin Ballet (available also online), and confers the highest awards in the field of ballet, the Lydia Wisiakova Prize and the Pia and Pino Mlakar Award.

The association cooperates with the Society of Slovene Composers, Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), Slovenia, Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) and other cultural institutions. It is also a member of the Chamber of Culture of Slovenia and a participating member of the European Council of Artists (ECA).


Established in 1962, the Association of Ballet Artists of Slovenia promotes the art of ballet with a number of activities, ranging from the organisation of ballet evenings to presentations of ballet as an art form in primary and secondary schools across Slovenia. Each year, the association organises a ballet concert, held at one of the two national opera and ballet houses, namely, at the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, at which the recipients of the Lydia Wisiakova Prize are presented. It also organises the annual gala evening of new ballet choreographies accompanied by original Slovenian music, usually held at Cankarjev dom Culture and Congress Centre, as well as presentations of Slovenian ballet schools and societies.

Since 2016, the association organises TUTU – International Ballet and Choreography Competition, which is interchangeably hosted by Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre and the Slovene National Theatre Maribor.

The association organises also international events (such as the International Gala Ballet Concert) and ballet concerts abroad as well as the exhibitions on Slovenian ballet.


Besides the Lydia Wisiakova Prize for outstanding achievements in the popularisation of ballet, the association also confers awards for outstanding choreographic achievement in the area of ballet – the Pia and Pino Mlakar Award, named after the ballet dancers, choreographers and initiators of ballet education in Slovenia, Pia and Pino Mlakar.

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