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Contact info
Društvo za glasbeno umetnost Arsana
Jadranska 4, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 59 955 041, 386 (0) 41 280 934 (mobile)

The Arsana Music Art Association, established in 2009, organises the Arsana International Music Festival, which represents the music part of the Art Ptuj Festival. Each year the Arsana International Music Festival brings many locally known as well as world renowned musicians of diverse musical backgrounds including folk, jazz and classical, to the many different music venues of Ptuj. Apart from the musical events during each year's summer festival, Arsana also offers a rich musical programme consisting of concerts of varied musical genres (classical, folk, pop) within a yearly concert subscription series.

Music workshops

The Arsana Music Art Association offers master music classes during the International Music Festival in summer and also organises a variety of music courses (such as singing, piano, and African drumming) throughout the year.

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