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Arhitekturni vodnik
Zavod Trajekt, Gornji trg 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Managed byTrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture
Anja Planišček

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The Architectural Guide, the first online guide for Slovenian architecture and urbanism, was launched in 2005 as an open platform. The portal was developed by TrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture and aims to educate and inform visitors and stakeholders about local architecture by providing images, plans, and short reviews. Buildings and landscape designs can be browsed and filtered by architect, city, type of the building, and year built. An English version of the site is also available and provides basic information.

The Architectural Guide is linked to Telekom Slovenia's TIS online telephone directory. Basic data on architecture is available to TIS users, while the guide uses TIS maps to show the locations of buildings.

The material published on the Architectural Guide was collected with the help of students from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. The guide is an open archive and invites interested contributors to add information about newer projects.

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