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Contact info
Inštitut A.V.A., Akademija za vizualne umetnosti
Trubarjeva 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 425 5006, 386 (0) 70 701 606
Pepi Peter Sekulich, Principal
Miran Mohar, Deputy Principal
David Burrows, Associate Principal
Online accounts:

The A.V.A. Institute, Academy of Visual Arts, officially established in 2007 by Pepi Peter Sekulich and Igor Grm, with the inauguration of the first lectures in the school year 2008/09, offers Bachelor of Arts with Distinction (BA Hons) study programmes of both classical and contemporary visual arts. The institute's mission is to encourage its students to develop into confident creative artists. It offers 2 undergraduate courses of visual arts (in fine art and conceptualisation of space) and 1 postgraduate course in visual arts (contemporary visual practices and theories).

Among the tutors are acknowledged artists (Pepi Peter Sekulich, Irwin members Miran Mohar and Andrej Savski, Aleksandra Vajd, etc.) and theorists, who work on the basis of individual approach. AVA enables its students – under the Erasmus+ programme – to complete part of their study obligations and/or practical training at a partner institution or a company abroad.

Programme modules

The school provides students with their own personal workspace (studio) from the beginning of the specialised (BA Hons) programme in their second year. The theoretical and practical part of the study are strongly intertwined.

The studies

The interdisciplinary three-year study of fine arts enables a flexible approach with strong consideration to the fast-changing cultural and social environment of today's post-industrial era. The focus of the fine arts programme is to provide a solid foundation in the visual arts and to build a broad-based experience with an emphasis on idea/concept development. The programme promotes research of possible approaches in all useful visual disciplines, such as: painting, sculpture, installation, photo media, digital imaging, video/film, performance art, etc.

The Conceptualisation of Space programme, based on art practices that combine fine art (mainly painting and sculpture), architecture, film, video and theatre encourages students to take full control of visual and other perceptual aspects of production with the possibility of expression through different realised forms and contents. The course is a combination of new theories and technologies and well-established practices, such as: objective drawing and modelling, making of storyboards, scale models and technical plans, and digital imaging.

The postgraduate visual arts programme Contemporary Visual Practices and Theories combines an interdisciplinary and intertextual teaching system that equips students with advanced knowledge and knowledge in the field of visual arts and theory. The postgraduate study programme is oriented in a way that reflects the challenges, needs and requirements of the time in which we live.

Tutorial staff

The Dean of the A.V.A. Institute is the award-winning film and theatre set designer Pepi Peter Sekulich. Recent lecturers in theoretical courses have included Željko Hrs (History of Theatre); Gregor Kroupa (History of Philosophical Ideas); Sebastjan Leban (Radical Critical Analysis); and Andrej Šprah (Film Theory).

Partners & Donors

As an independent private institution, established as a non-profit institute of education, A.V.A. Institute relies on relationships with partner artistic businesses and institutions and donors. These relationships help to improve the institute's programme and enable better conditions for its students. Among its partners and donors are the NSK State, the City Museum of Ljubljana, the Mladinsko Theatre, and Španski borci Culture Centre.

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