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Festival Števerjan
Organised byF. B. Sedej Society
Festival dates6.7.2012 - 8.7.2012
5.7.2013 - 7.7.2013
4.7.2014 - 6.7.2014
3.7.2015 - 5.7.2015
1.7.2016 - 3.7.2016
7.7.2017 - 9.7.2017
6.7.2018 - 8.7.2018
5.7.2019 - 7.7.2019
3.7.2020 - 5.7.2020
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Števerjan Festival of folk pop music was launched back in 1971 in Števerjan, an idyllic border village set on the Italian side of the wine growing Brda region and mostly populated by a Slovene speaking community. With only Ptuj Festival being its elder, this festival is one of the pioneering ones in presenting a competing line-up of ensembles who deal in polka and waltz tunes, performing new pieces as well as already existing ones from the genre's standards.

The festival nowadays lasts for three days. After the first two days that feature all the musicians, an international jury chooses the best ones who then play on the final evening. It has altogether about two dozen of ensembles on stage and in the end bestows a number of awards (for best the melody, lyrics, début and so on) upon the most remarkable ones. A few of them are also chosen to venture to the Alpen Grand Prix festival in Merano, Italy.

The festival is recorded by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) and is also streamed live on the festival's website.

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